Report: Ronaldo offers himself to Man City

Cristiano Ronaldo

In an extraordinary report, the Corriere dello Sport claims that Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent has offered the Juventus striker to Manchester City.

This is the final season of his contract with the Bianconeri and it’s widely believed they would be prepared to sell for €30m.

That is the figure needed to guarantee they would not make a loss and also cut loose his €30m per season wages.

Ronaldo has been linked with PSG, Manchester United and Real Madrid, but the remarkable suggestion from the Corriere dello Sport is that his representative Jorge Mendes is now offering him to Manchester City.

The Premier League victors are in dire need of a striker and have put all their eggs in one basket with Harry Kane, but even a bid worth €150m might not be enough for Tottenham Hotspur.

Having missed out on Lionel Messi to PSG, Pep Guardiola could try to work with a different repeat Ballon d’Or winner.

It’d be considered something of a betrayal by Manchester United fans, who always hoped one day that CR7 might return to Old Trafford, but could instead be offering himself to their rivals.

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  1. What are we waiting for? Just get rid of this guy… should not have bought him in the first place….absolute mistake!

  2. This selfish guy has stalled dybala, bernadeschi and Costa when he was at juve

    Takes all the free kicks when he doesnt even get close to scoring

  3. Can’t wait for football era post Ronaldo and Messi. They single handedly stall the careers of their teammates. Such a goal obsessed generation of fans. I liked it better when we revered midfielders and defenders.

  4. Ronaldo as a stopgap for Haaland? Thats a win any way you look at it, despite his wage bill. Besides, it would drive United fans crazy. Lets get it done!

  5. These newspapers.. is there any truth to this news? And Juve fans also need to look at their own face before criticizing Ronaldo.

    I am against him coming in the first place because we won’t be able to utilize him and will leave a hole in the team. He is a star player, we need to build around him because we invest so much in him–but what did we do? What to expect from him in the squad with average players in midfield? Perhaps it would be a different story when we still have M-V-P in the middle and a better coach than Allegri, but now? If he is such a failure, take a look at his career with Real Madrid and how Real operates. Do you ever questioning our board’s transfer policy instead of blaming players? WE infest in him, but we STOP after that which is dumb. And don’t forget he brings in new fans and yes they are plastic fans but do you ever think about the profit they generated compares to your darlings Dybala’s or Buffon’s? Ppl need to calm the f down before pointing fingers, perhaps The Ronaldo project is a failure but it’s not entirely his fault. He posses a different mentality than ours, our backyard is simply not his habitat. And talking about mentality, do you ever watch Juve’s games when he keeps asking his teammates to pass the ball forward, and instead, they do backpass?

    I am not Ronaldo nor Messi fanboy. I’d rather have Maradona or Capitano Alessandro Del Piero. This is just a non-deluded point of view about Ronaldo’s problem. I see it nowadays fans will point fingers easily without thinking about all things, thinking people who run their club and deciding their transfer policies are saints. These people cursing Ronaldo perhaps are the same person cheering him when he first arrives.

    What a deluded, uneducated, moronic fans.

  6. If Ronald could be a Manchester city player a good credit to the team they would surely win the ucl because he his far better than that so called Kane….city fans let all make this work

  7. There is only one man to blame… Fabio Paratici getting rid of him is the best transfer Juventus have done this summer.

    Letting Morrata go was a big mistake…

  8. I remember i was driving on the autobahn (towards Innsbruck and the Brenner pass to Italy) when i heard the radio news about the transfer deal of CR7 to Juventus. I was very excited. As were the commentators on the radio – how this would revitalize Serie A etc. For Juventus’ ambition to win the CL it didn’t work out. But the CR7 brand certainly boosted the image of Serie A and the revenues of Juventus until Covid struck.
    I don’t think he was a ‘failure’. His goals and achievements were reported around the planet and there is no doubting his commitment and fitness. He is a ‘mega star’ player and there is some truth that his status saps the energy and focus from those around him but he also radiated energy and focus on Serie A and Juventus – and for that he must be given credit.

  9. Ronaldo hasn’t said that he wants to go, but he hasn’t said that he wants to stay either! He’s always been professional in terms of his performance and his goal per game ratio is evidence of that. What doesn’t wash with a lot of Juve fans is that he’s never given the sense that he’s “one of us”. I wouldn’t be gutted if he left, I’d prefer a swap deal with Icardi or a late swoop for Dusan Vlahovic as his replacement and use the money saved on his wages to bolster the squad in general.

  10. Allegri coming back made Ronaldo rethink this last season. I’m fine either way if he stays or leaves. He scored a 100 goals in less then 3 seasons, won multiple titles. Yes he didn’t win champions league, but you can’t blame him for that. He carried the team during the important games.

    If he leaves, it is late in the transfer market for this season, but I expect either Pobga or Haaland next.

  11. I think Ronaldo leaving is much more better because the juventus players never gave him the Chance to express himself, many things Ronaldo never did in Madrid he start doing it in juve

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