Report: Pogba ready to quit Man Utd for Juventus

Paul Pogba

According to Sportitalia, Paul Pogba has no intention of signing a new contract with Manchester United and his preferred option is Juventus as a free agent, followed by Real Madrid.

The 28-year-old midfielder’s current deal is due to expire in June 2022 and negotiations over an extension seem to have hit a brick wall lately.

Uncertainty over the fate of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are also behind the hesitation, feeling his time at Old Trafford is over.

According to Sportitalia transfer expert Rudy Galetti, agent Mino Raiola and Pogba have decided not to sign a new deal and will walk away this summer as a free agent.

A return to Juventus is reportedly the first choice for the France international, as he had some of the best seasons of his career in Turin from 2012 to 2016.

He returned to Manchester United in 2016 for €105m and is now set to walk away again for free.

In order to afford Pogba’s salary, the Bianconeri would need to sell Aaron Ramsey and either Weston McKennie or Adrien Rabiot.

They can then propose a contract worth €12m per season plus bonuses.

A back-up for Pogba would be Real Madrid, according to this report, but Paris Saint-Germain do not seem to be an option for him.

9 Comments on “Report: Pogba ready to quit Man Utd for Juventus”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha, this club can take him for yet again more reheated rotten soup. He will not make any difference as is lazy and entitled. He will command huge wages when they should be lowering threshold. So this is what the great directors of Juve can come up with. There are so many hungrier and younger players around and cheaper.

  2. If juve cam get him on a free then that’s great business. His passing is second to none. Juve do need a defensive midfielder though.

  3. He’s a waster now. Put in a shift when he was at Juve before, but has been on holiday at MU. Juve need serious players, not guys more interested in their hair than football.

  4. In general, I’d say go for Rovella as it’s always a risk to bring someone back. But in this case he need’s Juve + Juve need him. If they can make it work in an economic sense. Been at Juve seem’s to give him the tactical + mental discipline that he lacks elsewhere. Deschamps would be in favour of it + his “star quality” would bring back some enthusiasm + lessen Ronaldo’s “That old lady ain’t good enough for me” effect. And he wouldn’t be just another hopeful signing to fix everything, Max knows + need’s a midfielder like him. Imagine Locatelli + Pogba lining up together? Verona were first to every ball yesterday, everyone blames the defence but what do they expect when Juve’s midfield get’s passed around so easily + can’t create either? They’re not so bad when they can sit back + counter but when they have to take the initiative? They panic + seem as clueless as what Cristiano would be, if he + a sorority “scream queen” had to decipher the meaning of a contents page! At least he can score goals though. Anyway, Arthur’s playing better, Chiello was rushed but never gave in + Dybala was by far the best threat going forward. Mckennie is a battler + starting to come up with a few goals too but I dunno how well he fit’s into Allegri’s long-term plans? Cuadrado fell over a lot + Verona pressed + passed very well. That Pellegrini need’s more game time as they were as blunt on the wings as they were in the middle. No wonder that when Pav + AA have a row on the sidelines that it sound’s like they’re arguing over who has the worst male “impotence” problem’s!

  5. Get Pobga release Ramsey, Mckennie,Bentancur & Rabiot

    Then, release Sczeney replace with Donnarumma

    The then release Morrata replace with Insgne or Mbappe

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