Milan centre-back Simon Kjaer will reportedly miss the next two games against Spezia and Venezia but aims to be back when Atletico Madrid visit San Siro.

Kjaer was replaced by Pierre Kalulu in the first half of the 1-1 draw with Juventus on Sunday, having suffered a muscle problem during the big game.

But the Dane underwent scans on Monday, which revealed no serious muscle injury and ruled out a damage to the flexors.

With a longer stop avoided, the newspaper claims the Denmark international will rest for a week and should be back in time to the big game in the Champions League.

Milan are thus without Kjaer when they host Venezia on Wednesday and then travel to Liguria for a match against Spezia this weekend.

Olivier Giroud’s back pain, however, is reportedly getting better and Milan will take a decision on the striker today.

Ante Rebic scored against Juventus and could have to start up front against Venezia too, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic struggles with an sore Achilles tendon.

7 thought on “Report: Kjaer aims to be ready for Milan vs. Atletico Madrid”
  1. Milan‘s older players are great but all so fragile. Zlatan aside, a fit 34-year-old striker and a fit 32-year-old defender shouldn’t get injured as much as Giroud and Kjaer.

  2. It is unfortunate but it does give Romagnoli a few games. He’s done ok in the games he has played and IF we can get him back to form and to sign a new contract then it will give us a captain and defence partnership for 10 years.

  3. True @Maldini’s heir, would love that, and give us the cover and rotation we need with 3 excellent/very good CBs.

    A bit worried with Mino pulling the strings though…can’t say I feel hopeful but sure hope he stays. We needed to talk to him about extending months ago as in 3 months he could talk to other prospective clubs.

  4. Since the 2nd half of last season, we have been in this limbo/purgatory of players either coming back from injuries or getting injured after returning from injury. Sooner or later, questions really need to be asked regarding the training format under Pioli. Why are they picking up injuries during matches, when seemingly declared fit? I get the feeling a lot of the players have individual training plans, are training without much physical contact and then when it comes to matchday, their true fitness or lack of it in a lot of these cases comes to light.

    Kjaer was fit for the entire euro’s. He had more than a decent break and then the moment he comes back into the team, he’s injured. Ibra returns from a long lay off, steps onto the pitch for less than half an hour and he’s injured again. Giroud plays all of 180 minutes, and somehow gets Lumbago whilst in quarentine?? And how did he get on the pitch vs Liverpool, and then completely not fit to feature vs juventus??

    Messias…where is he? Surely he had a full pre-season with Crotone, so how is it that he isn’t even physically fit enough to make the bench?

    In 4 league matches, Bennacer has completed less than 90 minutes. How?? At 23, he should be literally at peak fitness. OK, he’s had to compete with Tonali for a starting berth but coronavirus at Milan seems to almost certainly mean a player is then not available for a month. The guy already missed nearly 25 league matches thru injury last season. Farcical.

    The biggest disaster of all would be if Tomori gets injured. We will be royally fudged if he gets injured.

  5. ….I forgot Krunic! Starts the season, plays two games and then disappears. 22 days!!! 22 days missed with muscle fatigue….the guy has played TWO GAMES!!! Are these guys made of chocolate?

  6. This has been going on for years so should be no shock to Milan fans. Since the beginning of Milan Lab. Its as if they put Mengele in charge and just left him to it.

  7. @ Rosario Completely agree. Many titles are won and lost because of injuries.

    @ Nick Agreed about Mino and the contract renewal. I have feeling we’ll see him playing amazingly for Juve next season (next to Locatelli….)

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