Report: Juventus take back Dybala contract offer

According to Sky Sport Italia, Juventus have taken back the contract proposal agreed with Paulo Dybala and are prepared to let him leave for free if he doesn’t accept a salary cut.

The Argentina international had agreed a deal months ago to extend for €8m plus another €2m in performance-related bonuses.

However, in recent weeks the situation suddenly deteriorated and any discussion was postponed until February or March.

It’s a risky game, as Dybala will be a free agent when his current contract expires on June 30.

La Joya confirmed the tension by refusing to celebrate his goal in last night’s win over Udinese, instead glaring into the stands towards directors Maurizio Arrivabene and Pavel Nedved.

He also confessed to DAZN after the match that the club had asked to postpone any discussions on his contract until after the January window.

Now Sky Sport Italia report Juventus have decided to take back the previously-agreed salary package and are now offering a much lower sum.

This is because they seem to believe Dybala doesn’t have many more prestigious or lucrative proposals out there, so hope they can low-ball him.

It’s reported the club is prepared to risk letting Dybala go for free in the summer if he doesn’t accept the lower salary.

Among the clubs interested in the striker are Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Inter.

25 Comments on “Report: Juventus take back Dybala contract offer”

  1. Underperforming and becoming arrogant. I can’t recall a single season when he was a true leader. Juve lost the moment to sell the lad, and now this is what happens. It’s a shame it ended like that, as he is already the captain. I don’t see any other club offering him a higher salary in this situation. Not sure if there is any other club that would offer him same role

  2. Inter just keep dreaming to have him, but it won’t be any matter if they can really get him
    Overrated player that can’t show the value of himself in any single season… Shame because Juve misses any opportunity to cash him

  3. Ros you don’t sound smart.

    Dybala single-handedly won Juve 2 titles after Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio left. One with Pogba and another the season after Pogba left.

    This is a bad decision from Juve.

  4. ROS,

    Of course you don’t recall it since you just started watching juve because of CR7. Dybala and Higuaian was unplayable.

  5. Dybala has never delivered for Juve. He wasn’t never the main protagonist for Juve. Always this luxury player who never really fit into our team and formations. He’s practically 30 yrs old. I’m ready to see him move on and just rebuild the team from scratch at this point. He’s not the problem, it’s the Juve management, but he’s not helping matters and in all honesty isn’t the type of player that will have this team.

    @Cypher – you’re delusional

  6. Gio, you are delusional

    Fact is Dybala draged us to a UCL final, when no one thought it possible & yet there we were in a final without Pirlo, Vidal or Pogba.

    Fact is in 2 of the 3 doubles we won, before the failure Ronaldo joined our club, Dybala was our topscorer.

    Fact is despite the presence of Ronaldo, Dybala was the Serie A MVP in our record 9th Scudetto season.

    Facts is he is part of 9 (5 Scudetti & 4 Coppa Italia) major national titles, making him a Juve legend.

    Get over your delousinal state of mind!

  7. Since the beginning of 18/19 season, dybala has missed a season’s equivalent of 38 games through injuries.

  8. ,€240m wasted on CR7 now juve don’t have two cents to rub together.

    Good luck keeping de ligt, who will demand 15m a year or raiola will take him somewhere else.

  9. Juve management better figure it out. Dybala is the reason I became a Juve fan. Pay him what he wants and let him shine.

  10. For a team that is short on money this isn’t a good move.. him leaving for free will help the wage bill but this team needs a transfer fee to help with the budget after CR7 killer the books.

  11. Some harsh comments here on Dybala. He has produced the goods when it counted with injuries playing a part in inconsistent years. His loyalty and love for the club CANNOT be questioned, especially when he could have walked in the past and Juve wanted to keep him.

  12. “This is because they seem to believe Dybala doesn’t have many more prestigious or lucrative proposals out there, so hope they can low-ball him”

    I think the bigger reason is his constant injuries and hot n cold performances.

  13. Let him leave Dybala is always underforming we can get a good striker in summer…. everything haa change now

  14. Very respectable behaviour from juventus management, finaly they start to think, and not give players simply everything what they want. For dybala we can pay 2 millions a year and he should be playing very very good, much better than he played until now…

  15. The reason we keep on winning back in those years, the main reason, was Mario Mandzukic. It was his dedication, will willigness to play even out of his position, that was the key. Of course, Dybala, Higuain and the rest of them had their share, but after Carlito Tevez left, the Croatian lead us in all the games that count. He was our Giorgio Chiellini in offence. How I wish to have another like Mandzu in our team now…
    About Dybala, the board should not allow any other player to become more that the club itself, like they wrongfuly did it with CR7. So, take it or leave it, Paulito;)

  16. Dybala deserves a new contract. They will bw making a very big mistake letting him go. They don’t have money to get a suitable replacement so why not give him a new contract which he duely deserves

  17. It’s time to build team from zero after dybala gone next de ligt, learn from milan the built team with youngsters.
    The first time to fix is ​​management then technical director, last bring coach who trust young player

  18. Football Italia, please ban Vieri from comment section. Check his comment above. It’s full of inapproriate worlds. Thanks!

  19. i think everyone needs to relax. i think it is simply a situation that juve wants to see where they are in relation to the c.league spot. covid is still around. you dont want to offer a guy 10mil and be out the c.league next season. i think it is a good move by the management to be more aware of what they offer players. case in point the money paid to ramsey and rabiot.

  20. It seems too many believe what they read in the newspapers (and Sky). It is entertaining to be kept informed and updated on current rumours but it is not wise to believe much or any of it.

  21. I’m a dybala fan. Let’s be honest, he’s gifted player no doubt and he’s had excellent moments but his whole career has been a series of expectations that he hasn’t exactly met. Perhaps they were set too high….or he cracked under pressure.

    Excellent yet replaceable player. The only thing he truly has is loyalty which is a rare quality nowadays.

    But Juve is the kind of team whose success come from team spirit not one player.

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