Report: Fazio ready to sue Roma and Nzonzi asks for raise to leave early

by | Sep 2, 2021 11:12

Federico Fazio is reportedly ready to take legal action against Roma to be reinstated in the team, while Steven Nzonzi’s father asks for an increased salary to leave one year early.

Il Corriere dello Sport reports Fazio has rejected offers from Parma, Cagliari, Genoa and proposals from Spain, and that he’s ready to sue the Giallorossi.

Fazio wishes to be reinstated in Jose Mourinho’s team at the Olimpico, but Tiago Pinto’s line is clear.

Roma rebels infuriate the club

None of the redundant players will get a place in the Mourinho project at La Lupa, despite the fact that the team has open slots to register players in Serie A.

The same goes for Nzonzi, whose contract expires next summer, and his father has, according to the newspaper, asked for a raise to leave the club one year early.

Nzonzi reportedly rejected an offer from Benfica and two offers from Qatar this summer.

Federico Fazio for Roma



    Why is it that when a player wants to leave a club vs the club’s wishes, it is abhorrent and criticised. But when a club decides to wash their hands off a player who is under contract, somehow they have the right to cut them out of the first team’s plans, and somehow force them to make moves and or agree to mutual terminations of their contract?
    Fazio for one has played nearly 170 times for Roma, and first choice centre back for 3 seasons.

  2. Bonucci the boss

    I find it odd how he quickly became persona non grata there. The same happened with Florenzi, who was even a big favourite. Maybe I missed the whole story.

    To be fair, clubs will usually cooperate with players under contract if they want to move, and look to agree a fair price for club and player. Still get cases where the club is all ‘he’s under contract and going nowhere’, but I think that’s becoming more rare by the year. And equally, when someone has no future at a club, they’re expected to be open to move, rather than sit on their contract doing nothing. Fazio has been out of the side for what – two, three years now? He really should be desperate to move elsewhere if he’s serious about being a footballer, and I can understand the club’s frustration that he won’t.

  3. DARi0

    Clubs need to respect contracts they are signing and pay for it.

    How could he ask for a raise if club wants him gone? Perhaps you`ve meant golden handshake?

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