Report: Chelsea’s Abraham now open to Roma move

Tammy Abraham

Roma seem to have finally made some progress in convincing Tammy Abraham, offering the Chelsea striker €6m per season wages to ignore the Arsenal calls.

Director Tiago Pinto remains in London after two days of face-to-face negotiations and it had been reported they’d set a deadline for tomorrow.

Now La Repubblica suggest there has been a breakthrough today, with Roma offering the 23-year-old a salary worth €6m per season.

That is possible with their finances thanks to the tax break for anyone coming to work in Italy from abroad, and can last for two years.

Coach Jose Mourinho also spoke personally with Abraham over the phone, trying to convince him of the move to Roma.

The deal has already been done with Chelsea, for €40m plus bonuses to be spread out over several years of instalments, the only stumbling block is Abraham himself.

The forward wants to remain in London and specifically head towards Arsenal, as his family are fans of the Gunners.

Abraham is in the Chelsea squad for tomorrow’s Premier League opener against Crystal Palace.

5 Comments on “Report: Chelsea’s Abraham now open to Roma move”

  1. Good lord, that salary… what next, kick it up to 7m to totally convince him? I think Abraham could maybe score a reasonable amount of goals, but they’re betting on this guy being the main man for many years to come… and he’s just not a good footballer.

    Given how tight clubs are being with their money at present, for obvious reasons, I find this little saga quite difficult to believe.

  2. I don’t like this new Portuguese athletic director at Roma, this looks like crap deal., with accept buy back clause. Why not just ask for a loan.

    The rest I think just PR, he wasn’t going to Arsenal, they just didn’t discover these tax breaks. Pinto didn’t fly over to London to talk to him ??? The only reason Pinto would come to London was to sign contracts with Chelsea.

    They didn’t have to convince him I think it’s just PR, All for people to read about in London and Rome to make him feel good and wanted, after feeling like rejected at Chelsea.

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