Refereeing chaos in Milan’s defeat to Spezia: what happened

by | Jan 17, 2022 19:38

Junior Messias thought he’d scored the winner for Milan against Spezia this evening before the goal was cancelled out, with referee Marco Serra making a terrible error.

The Rossoneri had been pushing for a winner constantly following the Ligurian side’s equaliser early into the second half, and Messias thought that he’d finally secured the lead with only minutes left to play, scoring from the edge of the penalty box.

What Messias and many Milan fans weren’t aware of, however, was that Serra had already blown his whistle following a foul by Simone Bastoni on Ante Rebic. He blew the whistle before Messias’ shot was taken, and so the goal did not stand, with Milan being given a free kick instead.

This is not the first time this season that a referee blowing the whistle early has had a serious impact on a match. Back in October Daniele Orsato called for a Roma penalty too early, denying a Tammy Abraham goal. Again, that goal did not stand, and the resulting penalty was saved.

Orsato went against guidelines on Juventus vs. Roma penalty


  1. Imk

    Very shameful.

  2. Az

    A b c d e f you reffff!

  3. Cypher

    Marotta’s refs strike again!

  4. Viktor

    Well played ref well

  5. Ryan

    @Football Inter, open your eyes. That goal by Tammy Abraham wouldn’t stand because it was a Mkhitaryan handball. Orsato tried to help them by giving Roma a penalty. Don’t just always tell one side of story using your blind eyes.

  6. Jakes

    Yes i was a mistake and the ref knew immidiately. Had he let the play on and Messias had missed the shot he would probably also be blamed for not given the free kick in an excellent position.

  7. Noxzy

    The Tammy goal would have been called off anyways because he used his hand to score. So Roma was lucky to get a penalty. If the ref had allowed play to go on it would have ended up as a free kick to Juve…

  8. Ric

    Serves players right. Rebic could and should stay on his feet, minimal contact and down he goes when he didn’t have to. Obviously wanted a free kick. Made me laugh players/fans then saying the ref shouldn’t blow. Don’t go down trying to cheat, be strong/physical and focus on going to goal.

  9. Viktor


    Just stfu this was nothing but a HUGE mistake that cost us the game. What would you prefer a free shot 5 meters from goal or a free kick. Don’t come with your nonsense

  10. Viktor


    Are you seriously claiming it was not a free kick? What’s wrong with people

  11. Giorgi

    That shouldn’t be an excuse for Milan in this game, but the referees have made too many mistakes against Milan this season in both Serie A and the Champions League.

  12. Milan Fan

    I have no words. It wasn’t the best display from Milan as we were too apathetic for long periods, and when someone named Agudelo looks like Messi against you there’s clearly something wrong.

    But … it wasn’t a bad performance either. Milan had many shots at goal, missed a pen, hit the bar and did more than enough to win this match, only for that win to be stolen by a moment of ineptitude from the referee.

    Congratz to Inter, they were always the favorites, but like this obviously Milan have no chance.

  13. Milan Fan

    @ Ric

    You can’t be serious. I don’t know if you’re trolling but Rebic was getting ready to pull the trigger and takin his shot when he was obviously fouled from behind. What part of that was cheating in your mind?

  14. Ogungbemi mayowa

    PIoli killed it all,saelemaekers was subbed at the wrong time,anytime he was subbed,there is problem

  15. c.s.s

    Seriously get a life all of you!!
    Juventus will win the Serie A and you need to stop talking…:)

  16. Ric

    @milan fan

    In today’s game, yes it was a free kick but my Gran would have stayed on her feet under that challenge. I’m just saying hitting the deck looking for a free kick has cost Milan tonight. I’m refusing to blame a ref for us losing at home to Spezia

  17. Viktor


    Refusing or not that’s EXACTLY what happened lol

  18. Milan Fan

    @ Ric

    It would be a good argument and I’m with you in general, only Rebic didn’t even dive. Any player form any team in the world would want that free kick in the 93rd minute of a match they need to win. Foul was so obvious ref couldn’t miss it whether Rebic had gone down or not, he just needed to wait ONE second before whistling. Also Rebic in general is a player that rarely to never dives.

  19. Ric

    @milan fan

    I agree anyone would want that free kick. Just smarting from the result knowing we could/should be top tonight and need to blow teams like Spezia away.

  20. Matovic

    I will seriously blame the coach, we needed a goal, then you withraw all the attacking minded players and keep 75ages players on playing. Messias was the reason behind this mess, besides I don’t know why our team/ coach can’t protest against poor officiating, same thing occur during the ucf games, this can’t happen to other big clubs.too sadding.

  21. Antonio


    Where were ‘Marotta’s refs’ when Roma were denied a penalty against Milan (Tonali clearly pulling Zaniolo’s shirt) and when Venezia were denied a penalty after a foul on Florenzi? Not forgetting Milan getting a record number of penalties last season. Stop posting nonsense you have received your fair share of calls.

  22. Matovic

    Even in the 18box, if a tackle on the striker is attached to a goal, the goal stay because it’s in favor, if not it’s a penalty.
    But Our players and coaching staff will just keep mute and let everything goes,
    am missing gatuso already, if not this poor official we keep stepping on our toes 😞

  23. Viktor

    @ Antonio

    Lol just stop and admit this was a horrendous call by the ref. Simple as that. No neee to bring up potential other penalties to the equation, this was a crystal blunder

  24. Bit

    Glad Milan lost. The way they lost was even funnier. Only have themselves to blame for being in that position against a lowly team.

  25. Viktor


    You truly speak like a wise man! Only them self to blame .. LOL

  26. MARCO

    Cry Milano cry, you’ll only make Ibra saaaaaad 🎶

  27. forza maxx

    A big LOL sent by a life-long Juventino. May these 3 points kick you out of the CL spots soon!

  28. Veron

    Their next 2 matches against Juventus and inter Milan will be a draw against juve and they will definitely loose against that well organised inter Milan team. Sorry milan, you are going back to 3rd position 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. marco

    its ok. we will beat juve & inter to go top

  30. Yepe

    Rossonerri is the first to blame of the defeat…they have good records among top 8 serie A club but they are poor when facing mediocre club.


    rubentus sabotages this match and so are napoli/roma/atalanta/inter matches in order to finished top 4. its not new news, rube never won anythings without bribing referee. they now need bribe referee to sabotage potential top 4 matches for them to finished top 4 at the end of season.

  32. Solointer

    Milan should understand the re is not there to make sure they win. It’s not up to them to give a foul or not. Despite the ref being so poor he allowed so many play on advantage to Milan but they didn’t take advantage. So when he actually blows and stop play with a clear whistle then it’s doesn’t matter if how crucial or beautiful the goal is as it’ll not count. The keeper could’ve decided to just stand still and watch it. The funny thing is Milan were happy with a penalty miss not wanting to get a goal from a penalty because Inter always dives to get them which is crazy Lol. Blame the guy who missed the penalty and the coach how many times that it’s clear at some moments Milan don’t defend all when they attack.

  33. Vik


    Stay out of it, pretty obvious your take on this


    In the last 7 days we had Alexis score after the Ballon D´Or winner Alex Sandro did his magic, and now Spezia score in the last minute after Pioli once again mistake Serie A for the duch league and think he can attack with all 11 without getting punished.

    Its been a joy to watch for an Inter fan. Thank you Alex Sandro, Theo Hernandez, Bonucci, Pioli and Gyan for being who you are.


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