Real Madrid look to Milan star Rafael Leao after Mbappé snub

by | May 25, 2022 10:17

Real Madrid are reportedly ready to offer up to €120m for Milan star Rafael Leao after Kylian Mbappé snubbed a move to the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Portuguese star was named Serie A Player Of The Season for 2021-22, having played a key role in Milan’s title-winning campaign with 11 goals and 10 assists in 34 Serie A games.

His contract runs out in June 2024, but the Rossoneri have been working on a new deal until 2026 for several months. They will meet his agent Jorge Mendes in the coming days and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, the superagent will inform the Rossoneri about Real Madrid’s potential offer of €120m.

The La Liga giants are on the lookout for a new striker after Mbappé snubbed a move to the club, extending his contract with PSG.

Milan striker Leao ordered to pay Sporting CP €16.5m

Leao has a €150m clause included in his contract, but the Rossoneri are confident that the Merengues won’t trigger the clause and that Leao will eventually sign a contract extension.

As per Tuttosport, the Serie A champions are even open to helping their star sort out his financial issue. The Milan prosecutor has reportedly ordered the 22-year-old to compensate his former club Sporting CP €20m, including interests, for rescinding his contract in 2018, leaving the club on a free transfer.

This means that Leao will have to pay his former club €300,000 per season and Milan are reportedly ready to help the striker provided that he will extend his stay at the Stadio Meazza, signing a new deal.


  1. papa_frezz

    Saw this coming a mile off. Leao will be top 5 in the world in a couple of years.

    If he stays that’s all the statement we need that we are back!

    Mendes will be turning up the heat now though!

  2. Dollarumma

    All up to the player really. If he wants to stay at Milan, he should be offered the salary he deserves, perhaps wait until a little later though, see how consistent he remains next season.

  3. ge

    120 million but the release clause is 150 million makes sense hey


    Bye Rafa

  5. Cielnova

    He will stay because It’s Milan afterall. If it’s Inter, well, we can say bye2 to Rafa.

  6. Ale

    I think he will go to real
    120 millions really huge amount nowadays
    With that money, ac milan can sign 3-4 great youth players and sign on free 1 veteran player
    It doesn’t sound bad at all, anyway, nobody irreplaceable in football, even messi is slowly replaceable in barcelona

  7. Jimbo

    Bye bye Leao! No club in Italy is in position to say no to 120 mill and not least cheap Milan.

  8. Francesco

    Yes just like Kessie is staying huh Cielnova. As if Milan never lose starters…Kaka to Real, Sheva to Chelsea, Thiago and Zlatan to PSG etc.. delusional Milanista

  9. Lorenzo

    If real offered $120m, Milan should not hesitate to cash in on the player . Milan can buy Beradi and raspadori with that money and still left with a substantial amount . Go for it Milan .

  10. Gino

    Serie a needs to sell itself to the Saudi’s to part own the league for a trade in developing it bc selling your best players every year is not making it more popular

  11. Byeleao

    I don’t see how Milan turns down that kind of money unless Leao wants to stay. Will be interesting to see what happens but no surprise there’s mega interest in the kid. Milan could do a lot with that kind of cash to improve the whole squad. Leao may be too important to them though.

  12. Gre-No-Li

    He’ll stay as a cornerstone of the project with Milan‘s New owners, and all SHinter and Juve fans will have to shut up their filthy mouths and convulse with envy, mark my words.

  13. Ace3160

    I don’t think this story is true mainly because Real already has Vinicius in the same position. But if they want him anyway, Milan should insist on the 150m release clause or 120 +Asensio.

  14. viktor

    Funny to read all comments now from the angry Inter supporters who claimed a. They will win the league for sure b. Barella is miles a head of tonal (lol who’s laughing now) c. Italy is ours

    Now go away.. Better luck next year.

  15. Urban Sombrero

    He needs to stay and help Milan improve in the CL group stages – 5 points would mark improvement.

  16. Milan Fan

    This has got to be fake news. Leao and Vinicius are basically the same players. They are the best young left wingers in Europe, and neither can operate as well on the right or in the middle.

    Real Madrid should be the only club in the world who actually don’t need Leao.

  17. Vero Rossonero

    @Dollarumma. There is no “waiting a little longer”. He’s got two years left on his salary. If they wait until the next season starts and they don’t find an agreement he will have one year left in 2023 and then probably decide not to renew like Donnarumma, Kessie and Calhanoglu and we’ll lose another player for free. Not only that, but the only Milan player I remember being valued over 100m when a potential sale was possible was Kaka, so losing him for free would be literally twice as devastating as losing Donnarumma, and three to four times more devastating than losing Kessie or Calhanoglu. No, it MUST be decided this summer, whether he extends or goes.

  18. ACM1899

    They paid 30 mil to get Leao and won the Scudetto in large part because of Leao’s efforts. Yes, 120mil is a lot of money for a club full of young players. But you reinvest that money in whom at the current moment? Without Leao we would have no Right flank and no Left flank… And the goals would dry up unless there’s significant reinvestment. There’s no one out there quite like Leao at the moment. Milan is thankfully financially sustainable and if we’re not in an absolute financial bind, I’d hold on to him with both hands and feet and boost the club in the weak areas tp challenge in Europe.

  19. Francesco


    When Toonali wins more than 1 trophy he can be compared to Barella who already won 4

  20. Shteno

    Boy, I hope he stays. 22-yr-old Rafa on his way up, worth much more than 120 million. And he should show his respect to the club that gave him the chance to become what he became, after disappointing last season.
    Rafa and Theo on the left could become legends in Milan, especially after we win the UCL, in a 2, 3 years.

  21. LUIGI

    Leao is Portuguese huh?

  22. Azzkikr

    Mbappe and leao aren’t even similar players, so how can he be an alternative?

    Also mbappe is about a 780 times better player than this one season wonder.

    The realistic price for leao is 70-80m max of the buyer is overpaying.

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