Giacomo Raspadori is delighted to be linked with a move to Juventus and names his three role models: Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez.

The Italy international is one of Juventus’ targets to replace Paulo Dybala in the summer. The Argentinean will leave the club at the end of his contract as the Bianconeri have decided against offering him a new deal. Is Raspadori proud of Juventus’ interest?

“Absolutely, I can’t deny that it’s nice to be linked to Juventus or other big clubs,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“That’s my aim and if I manage to do so, it will be thanks to Sassuolo, who have helped me grow in every aspect.

“Paulo [Dybala] has incredible qualities. The link up play is something we have in common. He is really good behind a striker, and I feel at ease in the same position. I have fun.”

Sassuolo host Juventus at the Mapei Stadium on Monday. Will Raspadori swap shirts with La Joya?

“I already have his jersey, along with those of Ronaldo and Chiellini,” he revealed.

What has he learned at Sassuolo?

“I try to do everything in an appropriate way and remain myself, that’s how I can face every situation.

“I have confidence in myself thanks to Sassuolo. I think about having fun and using all the energy I have on the pitch. I am a silent leader. I transmit energy to my teammates and I never give up. It’s just the beginning of the journey, that’s why I need balance.”

Who are his role models?

“Aguero, Tevez, Rooney, strikers who run and have Grinta (Raspadori called it Garra, using the Argentinean slang). It’s crucial because it helps you to go beyond your limits.”

Raspadori, 22, has scored nine goals and delivered five assists in 33 appearances across all competitions this season. He was part of the Italy squad that won the Euros last summer. He has three goals in nine appearances with the Azzurri.

14 thought on “Raspadori inspired by Rooney, Aguero and Tevez dreaming of Juventus move”
  1. Where did he say he is DREAMING OF JUVENTUS MOVE??!

    If you guys keep up with the clickbaits and misleading information/false quotes, I`m leaving for good.

    Raspadori is a well known Inter fan ever since he was a kid – just dig up his previous statements 😉

  2. Ahh, my girl, where did he say that he is inter Fan? Stop with ur Fantasiey bro, and Show me his Statement.

    Are u feeling better or still salty that juve got ur boy friend?

  3. No way Juve don´t need him, Allegri has settled his future magic offensive tactics with Di Maria for long term. And if you are young talented and willing to score goals and not willing to warm the bench for a bunch of has-been, is Allegri-ball really the right choice for you?

  4. Juven need one or two fast winger to play with Chiesa and Vlahovic. Why need him?
    I still think Juven signed Dembele and that’s the reason behind giving up on Dybala.
    If Juven could sign Modric, will win the title next season 100%

  5. Absolutely right Tony. They have ruined Bernadeschi who had potential to get even better instead has been on the bench most of the time. Mancio is right, clubs need to play Italian players for the good of the club and National Team.

  6. @I miss juve in serie b – you can leave wheter the info is right or wrong.

    Your comments are so childish and pathetic, and nobody wants to read your hate and frustration against Juventus.

    If you don’t have to write something good or have a constructive opinion, please stop making fool of yourself and stop commenting.

    Go to a soul rehab.

  7. Cris, Tony

    That’s how we, Inter fans, feel having to read troll comments on Inter page from the like or Jube supporters such as Frankie, I love Marco Branca, Zambrotta, cypher and Sammy

    So I love Juve in serie B is a necessity’. Clown against clowns

  8. Cris CALMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as the grandad of Italian and world football says on a weekly basis now with jacket thrown, tossed and dumped on the touchline, seething with rage if the ball is dared moved above 1mph and forward. PhD Max has no qualms if the ball is put into reverse Sandro mode and if done at 50 mph, he gets goosebumps. After all football is built from the back and PhD Max has honed that to a tee. Only problem is the ball just gets recycled back. Juventus are a car that see a roundabout and keeps going round and round with out ever having the guts to turn off under the Doctorate Scholar from Harvard’s department of ancient ball where the round object moves slowe then Earth’s orbit.

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