Raspadori: ‘I am similar to Aguero, too early to leave Sassuolo’

Giacomo Raspadori Italy

Giacomo Raspadori believes he is similar to Sergio Aguero and reveals he never thought about leaving Sassuolo: ‘There’s the right time for every ambition.’

The Sassuolo starlet made his senior Italy debut during the Euros last summer and scored his first goal with the Azzurri on Wednesday in a World Cup qualifying match against Lithuania.

“Mancini told me to enjoy the moment and make the most of the chances I get because that’s the most important thing for a young footballer,” the striker said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I still struggle to understand what happened. I watched the game on TV when I returned home and I understood that a dream had come true.”

Regarded as one of the most exciting prospects of Italian football, Raspadori has earned comparisons with former Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero.

“For technique and style of play, perhaps I am similar to Aguero, but those I studied the most are [Carlos] Tevez, [Antonio] Di Natale and also Paolo Rossi,” the 21-year-old continued.

“The one who has stolen my eyes more than anyone else is [Samuel] Eto’o a generous striker who was also a point of reference for the team.”

The product of Sassuolo academy made his senior debut with the Neroverdi in 2020, scoring his first goal against Lazio in the first game he started.

Raspadori’s contract with Sassuolo expires in the summer of 2024. He was linked with a move to Inter over the summer, but the striker never thought about leaving the Neroverdi.

“I never had doubts, I think this is the best thing for me,” he admitted.

“The most important thing for me is to play as much as possible. Then I feel very much the role of ambassador of “Generation S”, representing this project: I’ve been at Sassuolo since I was 10 years old, I grew up with this club and I hope to be an inspiration for many guys.

“I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t like it [Inter rumours], it’s normal to want to grow again. But there is the right time for every ambition,” the striker concluded.

Raspadori has nine goals in 44 appearances with Sassuolo. He collected only three goals in eight appearances with Italy U21 squad.

He made his debut with the Azzurrini in September 2020, less than a year before playing his first game with Italy under Roberto Mancini.

7 Comments on “Raspadori: ‘I am similar to Aguero, too early to leave Sassuolo’”

  1. Best for Raspadori to concentrate on Raspadori instead of comparing himself to other players, especially Aguero. By the age of 21, Aguero had scored well in excess of 80 career goals and more than 15 in a season on 3 separate occasions across two continents. Raspadori clearly had a bright future ahead of him though.

  2. Lol

    Why do so many young Italian players praise themselves only to never develop

    Anyhow what did he have 6 goals in 27 games or something last year for a mid level serie a team?

    Is that supposed to be impressive?

    I’m sorry but he don’t special and he certainly not going to become a special player

    IMO his highest ceiling could he maybe Di Natalie and his career…but even that I’m confident that won’t happen

  3. I do like Raspa as he is a very good player that gives it all in football and in studying. Hopefully will keep away from injuries and if this happens, he will have a great future ahead.

  4. He must be seeing something I’m not. Aguero really stood out from day 1. Explosive and clinical…

    When I watch Raspadori, i don’t see anything special. The eye test when you compare him to tevez or aguero doesn’t lie. He doesn’t stand out…Those two did.

  5. @rosario

    I’m as Italian as they come

    I’ve met Paolo Maldini and other great players

    Raspadori had 7 goals in a full season

    I mean can anyone be objective for crying out loud?

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