Ramsey played more for Wales than Juve since March

Aaron Ramsey

Juventus are certainly not getting the best out of Aaron Ramsey, as it was calculated that since March, the midfielder has played more minutes for Wales than for his club.

The Bianconeri had been eager to move Ramsey on during the summer, but couldn’t find anyone prepared to meet his wage demands.

He was a free agent from Arsenal in July 2019 and his contract runs to June 2023.

Ramsey made a total 69 competitive appearances in the Juventus jersey, contributing six goals and six assists.

This involved spending a total 3,033 minutes of football on the pitch.

The situation has deteriorated in recent months, because Opta analyst Enrico Turcato calculated that since March, Ramsey has played more for Wales than Juve.

Because of his UEFA EURO 2020 experience, he played 447 minutes with Wales in six games, compared to just 378 minutes for Juventus.

The issue arose when Ramsey received a call-up for Wales and their upcoming World Cup qualifiers, despite being injured for Juve.

7 Comments on “Ramsey played more for Wales than Juve since March”

  1. Ramsey has played too much for Juve because he needs to go back to the UK – he’s too old for this young Juve

  2. paratici and nedved bought ramsey to bring arsenol to juventus.
    they thought that arsenol football is so amazing attacking2 and attacking and it will satisfy penaldo their talisman.
    juve had been throw out 18M for a permanent resident of juve medical facility.
    hey at least the doctors got regular patient and some entertainment from the english only patient because ramsey refuse to learned italian. he knows that he is in iuve for robbing the money and having his Holiday.
    buy italian players and stop spending into mercenaries.

  3. Juve need to offload this guy asap. What a drain on resources. And what clown bought him in the first place?

  4. This guy’s salary is money down the drain. He is completely useless and spends more time in the clinic than on the pitch.

  5. Catch 22, no one is willing to take on his salary, & Ramsey isn’t willing to take a cut to play some where else.

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