Ramsey more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo

by | Dec 30, 2021 08:31

Aaron Ramsey has been struggling with injuries at Juventus and according to Tuttosport newspaper his cost per minute in 2021 is higher than Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

Ramsey joined Juventus on a free transfer from Arsenal in 2019.

He has played 70 games across all competitions with the Bianconeri, but managed only three this season.

Massimiliano Allegri deployed him as a deep-lying playmaker at the beginning of the campaign, a role that the Welshman doesn’t enjoy. The midfielder’s poor physical fitness has done the rest, forcing him to the sidelines for 13 games this season.

Will Ramsey play for Juventus ever again?

According to Tuttosport newspaper, Ramsey’s cost per minute in 2021 is even higher than Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

The Portuguese striker returned to Manchester United in August but had played 11,507 minutes in a Bianconeri shirt since January. His cost per minute was €7,821.

On the other hand, Ramsey has played 840 minutes in 2021, for €8,928 per minute. Oddly, he has played almost as many minutes for his country: 778.

Ramsey’s agent met Juventus earlier this month to plan his exit in January.

Newcastle are among the clubs interested in securing his services, but it’s still unclear whether or not the Magpies are open to paying his full €7m-a-year salary.



    Insane, right?

  2. ilyas

    This is down to incompetent president. What a joke! He’s got to go

  3. Chris

    As soon as I saw they picked him up and the amount they were willing to pay him I knew it was a recipe for disaster.

  4. agnelli boss

    Paratici will rotate in his grave for this deal.

  5. Samy Ibrahim

    Like Joa Mario

  6. Cypher

    So this means he earns €140k pw and not the £400k pw the pained Arsenal-paid British media reported.


  7. Ryan Mclaughlin

    Funny how he is fit for every Wales game and gets 90 mins then when he cones back to Italy he us injured again????

  8. Charles

    How can they sign a player that injury was clearly written all over him in his entire career…to a seria A that physicality is of utmost importance…wat kinda weird club is this,


    Get him out ASAP.

    Hard to believe they thought this guy was ever going to work out. Yet another over-hyped name from the epl who isn’t up to much.

  10. Recoba

    Forza Inter

  11. Chris

    Not as simple as just “getting him out” unfortunately. Why would he go from his cushy wages as a bench warmer to less wages and having to work harder?

  12. Report

    Well on his Day and when out of Injury crisis Ramsey is prolific goal scoring midfielder no doubt about it , He creates and score goals , When signing him i was really looking forward for him to perform and control the middle of the park , But unlucky he turn out to be disaster and injury prone , Let him go back to PL and Join Newcastle who are the only one can bear with his heavy wages , May be he can also perform back in premier league like he does during his game time with National team Wales

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