Ramsey can leave Juventus for free on one condition

by | Oct 15, 2021 13:00

According to reports in Italy, Aaron Ramsey could leave Juventus on a free transfer in January, provided neither his agent nor he ask for severance pay.

Ramsey joined Juventus from Arsenal on a free transfer in 2019.

However, he’s been struggling with playing time and injuries during his time in Turin.

The Welshman has played just four games from start to finish and according to multiple reports, Juventus have put him on the market.

According to Calciomercato.com, Juventus are even open to rescinding his contract by mutual agreement in the winter transfer window provided that he doesn’t ask for severance pay.

Ramsey is one of Juventus’ highest earners with a €7m-a-year salary. His deal in Turin runs through 2023.

His agents get a bonus of €2.8m every season.

Juventus would be open not to cash in from his sale, but don’t want to have expenses either.

According to the report, Ramsey is considering leaving Juventus in January as he is aware he is not in Massimiliano Allegri’s plans.

The former Gunner didn’t want to leave Turin in the summer, but he is now accepting the idea of moving on to get more playing time elsewhere.

Newcastle have been linked with signing the Welsh star, but there have been no contacts with Juventus so far.

Aaron Ramsey


  1. Dan


    If you know whats good for you then don’t play hardball with any club who shows a modicum of interest in Ramsey. Just cut your losses and get rid of him. A no brainer!

    And while you’re at it, unless Bernadeschi is willing to take a paycut with his renewal soon then i’d suggest start offering him to any suitors as well.

  2. Blubber

    “His agents get a bonus of €2.8m every season.”

    Does Paratici get a 50% cut sent to his personal account on Cayman Islands?

  3. Gazin

    Such a shame about Ramsey. A wonderful player and his form with Wales (shown recently against Czech Republic) should make him a starter for Juve every week.

    He clearly needs a personalised training regime to manage his fitness, however, and if you’re prepared to pay him €400k per week, surely that would be part of the deal. Clearly not though.

    There’s a few years in his tank – things aren’t going to change at Juve so best for all if he moves on.

  4. Cypher

    @Gazin, it’s either you were born stupid or you evolved to become stupid.

    The report CLEARLY shows Ramsey earns €7m annually. Where did you get your €400k p/w?

    Do you have a brain or are you an EPL fanboy invading this site with that unintelligent ‘facts’ that’s common in your league?

    Worse still, are you an Arsenal fan who is still hurt that your greatest player of the last decade left you for trophies so you inflate his wages to make yourself feel better?

  5. Ralph

    If things are not sorted out and quickly, we are approaching the time when a club will have to pay the players as well as their agents weekly, monthly or annually. And aw are also not far from the incident where a club will tell a player that we will pat you more if you can negotiate your contract yourself without an agent, then these agents will know they are not really important. And honestly they are not, a player can send his brother or sister on a course, her the licence and turn him to his agent., instead of all these free money going to an outsider for doing nothing they will prefer it going to their family and we will see what will happen then.

  6. Michael

    @Cypher, why the vitriol? Gazin made a reasonable comment, ok he got a figure wrong, does that justify personal attacks on him? Calm down.

  7. Gazin

    @cypher, hope you’re doing well and your anger medication is working again.

    What’s reported above is his basic salary – what isn’t included is his agents fees, signing on fees, bonuses, image rights etc. which has widely been reported to work out at 80m Euros over 4 years. You do the maths, sunshine.

    Don’t be angry at me an Juve’s profligacy. I find it hilarious.

    And na, my club is a Serie A team. Certainly one which has beaten the Old Lady this season so far, so I’m good!

  8. Cypher

    @Gazin, bull.

    Why don’t you include bonuses, agent fees, commissions etc for every other player?

    Why only Ramsey?
    Since when did player wages start being inclusive of these other fees??

    Again, you are an arsenal fan telling yourself everything you want to hear except that your best player of the last decade left for trophies.

    Ramsey earns circa €140k p/w @ Juventus – €10k more than he did at Arsenal.

    Good day.

  9. GAZIN

    @Cypher – I’m not talking about any other player. I’m talking about Ramsey. Which other players salaries do you want to disect?

    My point, quite obviously lost on you, is that while Ramsey is a great player he training needs to be specific to him otherwise he’ll succumb to injury. And if you’re prepared to pay him big money, why can’t you do that?

    And Arsenal, I don’t care about Arsenal – seems like you do as you keep referencing them. Weird, man.

    But have a great day, keep being strange, keep being angry – and keep being in denial as to how much Juve have wasted.

  10. Cypher

    @Gazin, how much does Ramsey earn p/w?

    €400k or €140k??

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