Ramsey blames Juventus staff for injuries


Aaron Ramsey seemed to blame the Juventus training methods for his many injuries, insisting Wales staff ‘know how to get the best out of me.’

The midfielder arrived as a free agent from Arsenal, but has constantly been plagued by muscular issues, particularly this season with only 105 minutes of football.

It was calculated that since March, Ramsey has played more for Wales than his club, and in today’s press conference he points to the fitness routines in Italy.

“The training philosophy and methods are different in my club from here,” said Ramsey, ahead of Friday’s World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic.

“There are a lot of people here who have a number of years of managing me. So they know how to get the best out of me and allow me to play a lot of games in a row, like I showed in the Euros.

“I’m capable of doing that and producing good performances. I’m feeling good, ready to go.”

So far this term, Ramsey has started one Serie A match and come off the bench in three others, but hasn’t featured since September 26.

“Because my outputs in games are pretty high, maybe I need a bit more rest and recovery throughout the week rather than maybe being on the grass for a long period of time and carrying more fatigue into games,” added the midfielder.

“Recovery is a big part of that for me. I’m just excited to be back involved and hopefully I can play my part.”

Ramsey on the market as Juventus pay him €18,000 per minute

These comments will only further irritate Juventus, who have been trying to sell Ramsey and shake off his €7m per season contract for some time.

La Gazzetta dello Sport calculated that considering how much time he actually spent on the pitch, Ramsey has cost the Bianconeri circa €18,000 per minute this season.

8 Comments on “Ramsey blames Juventus staff for injuries”

  1. That means you can’t train with the same intensity as other juve players, even you barely fit at arsenal before you sign with juve. It’s better to say goodbye with you now Rambo, hope you did well in the future bro

  2. Love seeing Ramsey at Juve, hope heakes a stop at Inter and or A.C Milan,,, meanwhile ADL wouldn’t take him for free, then we wonder where the money goes, love it,keep up the good work Agnelli!

  3. Good performances for Wales
    Many games in a row
    He is, deluded though
    The best out of me, he is a terrible player and overhyped by British media, the cheek of him

  4. So your blaming the trainers for your injury woes. The same you had with the gunners. Or just maybe, you only put in effort for your country.

  5. criticized the club who pays him so much for his inability to cooping with the club routines seems weird.
    basically rambo asking a special status or the club have to do it in his way or no way.
    the club always bigger than you ramsey.
    the mercenaries brought in by paratici has shown their real faces

  6. The transfer deals that Juve did in 2018 and 2019 were horrendous including overpaying for this guy who was never worth his wages.

    What is it with Welsh players, no personal honour same with the one in Real Madrid, who for the last few years takes a paycheque to golf.

    They should force him out or loan him out, make clear they want to terminate his contract, he is bs with fake injures, when he been fine to play for country every time they call him up.

  7. as far as i am concern he should rescind his contract in january and just leave. he is a waste of time.

  8. This diva needs to go to Swansea or some other small club, where he can be the star of the team, and only train when he wants. Everyone knew his injury problems when they signed him, Another horrible signing by Juve.

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