Raiola to meet Juventus over Pogba and Romagnoli

by | Oct 26, 2021 18:29

It’s reported Mino Raiola will meet Juventus next month to discuss Paul Pogba and Alessio Romagnoli, who will be free agents from Manchester United and Milan at the end of the season.

The agent represents some of the biggest players in world football and Sportitalia claim he has an encounter scheduled in Turin for November.

Among the issues up for discussion are the status of Federico Bernardeschi’s contract extension.

Raiola can also present updates on the situations of other players who are running down their deals with no sign of a new signature.

Pogba has repeatedly been linked with a return to Juventus and will be a free agent when his contract expires in June 2022.

“You would have to ask Manchester United about Paul’s contract extension. At this moment everything is calm. There is no update,” Raiola told Times Sport.

Although Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain are also in the running should Pogba become available, his emotional bond with Juve and coach Max Allegri is undeniable.

Another player who is reportedly heading for Turin is Milan captain Romagnoli, as neither the club nor the defender seem prepared to extend the contract.

Paul Pogba


  1. tony

    This is why Juventus are going down hill in terms of structure. As Moggi once said reheated soup is never as good as the first. Pogba might be world cup winner but he is lazy and will command a bloated salary when they should be trying to lower it. Romagnoli is perfect for Lord Allegri as he has no pace and cannot play in a high line. He is not even first choice at Milan and why take a slow and error prone defender. Romero was a huge mistake and worst of all they took 5 cents in the sale.

  2. Donato Totaro

    I agree. Romagnioli is a defender who will always suffer against pacey teams, which is what he’ll find in Champions League games. If Juve dream of winning the CL why are they considering this type of defender?

  3. Pinturicchio

    Getting rid of Demiral, and Romero, to sign Romagnoli? WTF?

    Will seriously stop watching after Giorgio is gone, because all the icons I grew up with – Alex, Trezegol, Nedved, Ferrara, Buffon, Marchisio, Pirlo, and finally Giorgio, are ALL gone.

  4. Chris

    Got to say i agree with the guys above. I didn’t think he was a bad defender, I even went as far as to think he was a good defender but seeing him against players like Lukaku showed me how poor he is. Lukaku is obviously a great player but he made Romagnoli look like a Sunday league player.. twice.

  5. Saya_Kamudiasama

    as a Milanista i just feel sorry if that happen romagnoli & pogba isnt player they used to be, & we all know raiola salary cap & agent fee it’s just unbelieveble, if juve want free milan player then go 4 kessie, current roma salary is 5m/y so raiola will ask 7/8m/y while kessie is 3,5m/y & milan wont pay more than 5m/y.. 4 me its better go to juve than nerazurri

  6. chpo

    After some time passed I would prefer Milinkovic Savic over Pogba now.

    Regarding the defense, nothing made sense since Ronaldo arrived. Especially, selling Cancelo.
    Romagnoli? I can’t make any sense of it either. Probably some Raiola brain fart.
    What happened actually to Ihattaren or what his name is. Some Raiola kindness purchase or real talent? He is vanished for now at least!

  7. Milan Fan

    After Cashanoglu to Inter, if Romagnoli really ends up at Juventus (specially for anything over 4m a year) then it’s like another birthday wish coming through for me lol

    We’re weakening rivals not by signing their best players but by sending our worst their way LMAO

  8. Chuck

    Maybe most of us don’t have eyes, because it’s hard to see what Juve or whoever sees in Romagnoli. We let a guy like Romero go on loan and chase this guy?. Wow!

  9. Manni

    Romero gone demiral gone cancelo gone! Juve really have lost the plot regarding back room staffing and deals! If Juventus want to conquer Europe, let’s be honest their champions league record is embarrassing but anyway if juve want it that bad then we need to try atleast to inject some pace with quality in then The Team! I remember the juggernaut of the mid to late 90s Lippis juve at its peak destroyed all! What a team it was..oh we can but dream!

  10. Zambrotta

    Demiral and Romero left because they weren’t playing. Even De Ligt is struggling to be first choice. You really think Demiral and Romero were willing to spend a few more years as 4 – 5 choice? It was painful they had to go, but that’s the way it goes in football. Chiellini is still the best in the game and you can’t put a price on his experience; what should the management have done? let him go on a free transfer to give Demiral a shot? Some people really lack any sense of nuance…

    And Romagnoli, if he comes, he’ll obviously be a replacement for Rugani, which to me would be an upgrade.

  11. milanista

    Maybe Romero/Cancelo/Demiral wanted to play elsewhere? Doesn’t mean juve sent them packing. Juve have lots of younger players in the team, they perhaps just need a few key players in certain positions and also a manger who is attacking. Allegri doesn’t feel right for this Juve.

  12. Pinturicchio


    So letting Demiral and Romero go despite seeing how Chiellini has had his fair share of injuries and Bonucci behaves like a lost child without Chiellini, and then still buying De Ligt? WTF, can you even comprehend the absurdity?

    And what about Cancelo, he didn’t want to leave, but because of a paste-eater called Allegri Danilo was bought and Cancelo sold. LOL, that worked out well for us didn’t it?

    And now there’s a chance these buffoons might didn’t Romagnoli… Seriously, how much tomfoolery can 1 person take?

  13. frankie

    Pinturicchio, it was when Sarri arrived that Cancelo was sold. At the time, if I recall correctly, there was a lot of noise about Cancelo’s attititude on and off the field and his relationship with the coaches was not great. This situation started under Allegri’s last year, but if Sarri thought Cancelo was worth keeping, he would have pushed to keep him. Sometimes there are things going on behind the scenes that us supporters don’t know enough about. Whilst Cancelo has played well offensively for Man City, he is still suspect defensively.

  14. serie a lover

    lol. its funny reading milan fans telling juventus how to conduct business. these are supporters of a milan team that has not won a major trophy in over a decade. one thing i can say about allegri has been able to get the best out of di siglio and bernardeshi. players who had average season last season. romagnoli is better than rugani and would come on a free. that is a win. in the case of pogba that would be a free. salary maybe large but we are talking about one of the best midfielders in the world. we all saw how brilliant he was in the nations league tournament. i would go all in on both players

  15. Sam

    This wreaks of another Allegri push. Gotta have an all italian defence even if the player stinks.

  16. Mike

    Riola talking to juve about pogba, more like he’s baiting psg to make a big offer, juve can’t afford him anymore they had to get Ronaldo off the books or go under lol. Romagnoli to juve I can believe, 6 + million a season to sit on the bench as well as a big fat commission for riola lol

  17. Zambrotta

    @ Pinturicchio

    Like I said, you don’t have any nuance. You judge things in hindsight. De Light was the most sought after young defender at the time. It was a real coup that Juve got him. Romero was a prospect at Genoa who nobody knew how good he would become. When he went to Atlanta, nobody complained, because nobody knew how good he was. These things happen in football. Young players don’t make the grade and transfer to another club and become stars there. ASk Chelsea about De Bruyne or Salah or look at what happened to Henry at Juve…

  18. Zambrotta

    What should they have done last summer? Sell De Ligt and not sent an unproven Romero to Atalanta? That would have been the real madness. The guy didn’t want to be fifth choice and wanted to be sold. Can’t blame any party here.

  19. Konstandin

    Both are not footbal players anymore…
    Save the money Juve.

  20. Pinturicchio


    Look, snark or not, the logical thing was this: De Ligt as the long-term replacement for Giorgio, and Demiral as the long-term replacement for Bonucci. Romero if he had to be sold, then fine. Besides, Juventus are ALWAYS involved in 3 or 4 competitions, there’s enough room for rotation.

    But getting rid of both Demiral and Romero, and then thinking of Romagnoli on a tight budget? Are you freaking serious?

    And talking about unproven – how many chances was Romero given anyway? For that matter, a homegrown talent like Rugani, how many chances did he get? Bastoni, on the other hand, despite his age and lack of experience, is reaping the fruits of the hard labour he put in and the trust that was shown to him!

    Would we have had the greatest Juventino Alex Del Piero today? Remember Alex was just 22 when he won the Intercontinental Cup with Juventus. Just 22! Where is the patience?

  21. @jimmy_Stallion

    @Zambrotta you get it. Please see the young guys sold, but forget they demand consistent playing time which they can’t get. You can’t honestly tell me you would put any of them over Bonucci, Big George and De Ligt.

    As for Pogba, I do see him coming back. However, Raiola has lost tons of leverage. Covid impact, as well as his media backlash will see less demand from other top clubs, and he will settle with Juve on a friendly wage with a release clause banking on a renewed lease of life under Mad Max

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