Raiola reveals why Donnarumma left Milan

by | Sep 17, 2021 17:22

Mino Raiola insists Gigio Donnarumma didn’t betray Milan and has no doubts that he will become the starting goalkeeper at PSG.

Donnarumma, 22, joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free transfer after the end of his contract with the Rossoneri in the summer.

“I am sorry for the way he was treated, he didn’t betray Milan, he made a life choice, he could have left four years earlier and he didn’t do it,” Raiola told Rai Sport as quoted by Calciomercato.com.

The agent confirmed that Juventus were in talks to sign the Italy international and insists that Donnarumma will become the starting goalkeeper at PSG.

The Italy international made his senior Milan debut at 16 years old in 2015. He collected 251 appearances with the Rossoneri.

Donnarumma was named Player of the Tournament at UEFA Euro 2020 after saving decisive penaòty kicks against Spain and England.

“I think Juventus will regret not signing Donnarumma for a long time and not just Juventus,” Raiola said.

“There’s no dispute with Keylor Navas at PSG, Gigio will play.”

Donnarumma has only played one game with the Ligue giants this season and was relegated to the bench in PSG’s opening Champions League game against Club Brugge this week.

During the same interview, Raiola discussed the future of Paul Pogba at Manchester United, admitting that the Frenchman could return to Turin, although that depends on the ‘club’s plans.”

Raiola admits Pogba could return to Juventus


epaselect epa09420174 Paris Saint Germain goalkeepers Keylor Navas (R) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (L) attend a training session at the Camp des Loges sports complex near Paris, France, 19 August 2021. EPA-EFE/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON


  1. NICK

    These two make such a great couple, a perfect match. The antithesis of our elegant captain.

    I’ll never forget when Il Capitano tried to talk to $$$$rumma near the end of last season and he replied “Talk to Mino.” Probably at that point Paolo picked up the phone and signed MM.

    The most bitter and sour scenario lives on for me though…I have to see him every time I cheer on my beloved Azzurri. Keep counting your millions from the bench.

  2. Bunga2

    Nick, I also like to think that the “talk to Mino” remark is the straw that finally break the camel’s back.

  3. Burky

    Two wrongs don’t make one good.

    One hyena arguing for another, how dumb they think we are to believe what they say? 🤣

  4. Nick

    Yes Bunga2, agreed. Paol, and more importantly, the club, deserved much more respect than that.

  5. Viking malta

    The money box defending the money licker mercenary. Good riddance both, MM is AC’s future.

  6. Peter Pietraroia

    You clowns may as well keep thinking PM will get Insigne, fantasyland is a good destination for you Milan fans.

  7. andy

    Juventus will get Donnarumma on a free transfer when he is 36. They prefer to stick with their second hand skoda who cannot get out of neutral. Milan are playing free flowing high pressure game and are going to give them a good spanking.

  8. Jimmy

    Milan for ever,Seychelles has many supporter off Milan,Forza Milan.

  9. Milan Fan

    Listen pig, the less you open your mouth about Milan, the better. You’re making it worse for you and your client every time you open your fat mouth.

    Just shut the hell up.

  10. Frankie

    @Andy. That’s funny because we saw how good Milan’s ‘free flowing high pressure game’ was against Liverpool. – LOL.

  11. Michael

    If Donnarumma had simply come out and said he wanted to leave, then we could have sold him and there wouldn’t have been this big drama. Instead by making ridiculous demands for a new contract, which he knew we couldn’t and wouldn’t fulfill, he created all this drama of “will he, won’t he”, lots of time for rumours to spread, and finally ending up leaving on a free, preventing us from being able to capitalise on him.

    Raiola says it was a life choice. I have no doubt it was a choice so that (a) he would be in a more competitive team, and (b) earn more money. No problem with that at all. It’s the way he went about it, instead of being clear, dragging the issue out and ending up leaving us high and dry.

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