Agent Mino Raiola commented on Gigio Donnarumma’s situation at Paris Saint-Germain, Matthijs de Ligt’s future at Juventus and gladly takes ‘the blame’ for the free transfers.



The agent spoke to the reporters at the Assembly of IAFA (Italian Association Football Agent) and said ‘dreams are for free’ when asked about Paul Pogba’s possible move to Juventus from Manchester United.

He also commented on Italy international Donnarumma’s situation at PSG, where the former Milan star is currently competing for the gloves with Keylor Navas.

Raiola: ‘Pogba to Juventus? It’s free to dream’

The 22-year-old shot stopper admitted it ‘disturbs’ him, but Raiola claimed the youngster must be ‘patient’.

“I don’t know if it has become a problem,” Raiola said, according to TMW. “I think everyone knows how this story will end.

“It will turn out well for Gianluigi. It takes a bit of patience, I understand that he’s living a moment he never lived before.

“But it will only be solved through dialogue, little by little.”

Juventus are expected to meet with Raiola to discuss a possible extension with Dutch centre-back De Ligt, and Raiola waved away the questions about the 22-year-old.

“This interview should be done in May,” Raiola said. “We are in November… right now, an interview like this is not good.”

Italian clubs are struggling with players who are not willing to extend their deals with the clubs and thus move on free transfers when the contracts expire.

Raiola said he will gladly shoulder the blame on behalf of his clients.

“Our function is also to take the blame,” Raiola added. “The bad things of the players, I did. The ones that are done well, they did.

“That’s OK with me. I don’t need to be a saint, those who are smart, make their own considerations.”

7 thought on “Raiola on Donnarumma, De Ligt and the free transfers”
  1. I would gladly take the blame too, if I was counting my money all the way to the bank at the expense of my players.

  2. Mino , the issue Milan Fans have is you made Gigio believe another team wanted him as a # 1 , thus he snubbed Milan . Now he is somewhere playing only because of an injury , Milan are out the money they should have gotten from a transfer , but your pockets are full.
    The multi million dollar question is was Gigio told he would be #1 at PSG , if he was told you will have to be #2 at PSG would he have been more inclined to deal with Millan .
    You bluffed , Maldini called it . As a note that is what true champions do. They wont be bullied and will eventually rise above , even if its the harder way around. Gigio should have know better as well. Trust you or the legend that is Maldini ? Easy one for me !

    I hope football finds a way to get rid of agents like you , that’s ” my dream “.

  3. People like this guy are destroying football. He clearly brainwashed Donnarumma and is laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. I can’t blame Donnarumma for going to PSG – he has the ambition to win a CL which he knows that Milan will never do during his playing career. You have to admire a player willing to move to get closer to that dream instead of just being complacent with AC Milan. As far as I am concerned, AC Milan should have sold him 2 years before his contract expired and they did not so too bad.


    Milan will never winning CL during Gigio’s career?
    We’ll see about that.
    Milan have won more CL compare to PSG, that’s for sure.

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