Raiola admits Pogba could return to Juventus

by | Sep 17, 2021 16:11

Mino Raiola admits Paul Pogba could return to Juventus: ‘It depends on the club’s plans.’

Pogba is out of contract in the summer, so he can sign a pre-contract agreement with any other club from January, leaving United as a free agent at the end of the season.

The Frenchman is on very good terms with the club and with many of his former teammates and Raiola has admitted he could return to Juventus in the summer.

“Paul Pogba is out of contract in June, so we’ll talk with Man Utd and we’ll see what happens,” Raiola said as quoted by Fabrizio Romano.

“Paul still loves Turin. There’s a chance that Pogba will return to Juventus, yes, but it also depends on Juventus plans.”

Juventus already signed Pogba as a free agent in the summer of 2012. The Frenchman spent four seasons in Turin before returning to Manchester United in a €100m deal in 2016.

Several top clubs, including Real Madrid and PSG, have been linked with signing the French international in the summer.

Raiola is on excellent terms with Juventus, as the Bianconeri signed his client Moise Kean from Everton in the summer. Also Matthijs de Ligt is part of the agent’s client list.

Juventus were also in talks to sign Gigio Donnarumma in the summer, but the Italian goalkeeper eventually moved to PSG.

It remains to be seen if Juventus will be able to sign Pogba given that they are trying to lower their wage bill and are open to offering a maximum of €9-10m-a-year after taxes to any new player.


  1. Vero Rossonero

    At the Raiola spin games begin. I’m not sure Juventus is in a position to think about Pogba at the moment. Neither from a financial or sporting perspective. Given their current form they will miss out on the CL and I doubt the player will want to join a club not playing in that competition, nevermind the increased financial pressure that comes with failure to qualify. That being said, there is a long way from now until January, when Pogba can negotiate with other clubs. Juve could be near the top by then. But United might also be top of their league, as they seem to be growing. My money is on him renewing with United, or ending up at Madrid or PSG depending on how the Mbappe saga works out. They may both end up at Madrid.

  2. LDN

    @Vero Rossonero We are less than 10 matches into the season so it’s tough to see where and how it will all pan out but I believe this is just another ploy by Raiola to get a salary increase and agent fee as well so I think Pogba will stay at Man Utd, doing similar to De Gea in the past, but I also agree with you that he will look to move to Real Madrid as LaLiga is in need of a few star faces in the league since losing Ronaldo and Messi. Which is why I don’t think he’ll move to PSG as his social media presence/ brand is one of his priorities as well and with Neymar and Messi there, he won’t stand out.

  3. serie a lover

    lol at all these serie a pundits like vero rossonero writing off juve after 3 games. lol . it wouldnt surprise me at all if juve beats milan this weekend. on the pogba story. i feel that raiolo is trying to get man utd desperate to get the biggest salary possible from them for his client. but i think pogba will wait till december to make up his mind about resigning. juve has a chance to get him once he doesn’t want a outrageous wage. qualifying for another round of c.league would help

  4. Frankie

    Not sure that Juve should be interested in a a player who will be 29 next year, has had his injury problems over the last 3 years, and probably has his heart set on Real Madrid. It is unlikely Serie A will see the likes of Ronaldo, Lukaku or Pogba joining the league, as we have the face the harsh reality that top players are simply not looking at playing in Italy anymore. The allure of the Premier League, with its riches and global reach is just too strong.
    Juve is now back on a path where it was 10 years ago – trying to keep wages low while signing young-to-medium players with upside, and perhaps making one biggish signing every year when it can afford it.

  5. Vero Rossonero

    @Serie a lover, to quote myself “That being said, there is a long way from now until January, when Pogba can negotiate with other clubs. Juve could be near the top by then.” So hardly writing them off. I love all these imbeciles like Serie a lover who comment before reading the entire post.

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