Rabiot wants raise to leave Juventus for Manchester United

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Juventus wait anxiously for Manchester United to agree personal terms with Adrien Rabiot so they can get Leandro Paredes from PSG, but the France international wants a pay rise to go to Old Trafford.

Multiple sources confirm that Juve have agreed a fee of circa €20m including bonuses to sell Rabiot to Manchester United, with only a year left on his contract.

The problem now is that Rabiot, negotiating via his agent and mother Veronique, want a substantial raise in order to accept the drop down to a Europa League club.

It would be the first season for the former PSG midfielder out of the Champions League and he insists on remuneration.

Sport Mediaset claim the demand is at least €7.5m per season, whereas at Juve he earns €7m, a deal that was negotiated in 2019 when he was a free agent.

Meanwhile, Sky Sport Italia and Sportitalia are confident that Juventus have agreed personal terms with Paredes.

The issue here is working out a fee with Paris Saint-Germain and of course making sure Rabiot has been sold first.

10 Comments on “Rabiot wants raise to leave Juventus for Manchester United”

  1. Now with that extra money saved from the wage bill, we can go rummaging in dumpsters round the back of Tesco and see what other goodies we can pick up for nothing.

  2. If juve had to I would let this clown go for less to compensate the difference in wages…he is not worth 3-4m Euro a year…just get rid of him

  3. Ok so his Mom does look pretty scary. She knows Juve want him gone so she is going to squeeze the other end. Juve will lower the fee so Man U can pay his wage demands.
    Add another over paid player to Old Trafford’s bench !

  4. Since he signed with us, he maybe had only a handful of impressive performances. He is a very physical player and full of running, but I still haven’t figured out what position he is good at? He played all the central positions and he always lacked something. We should keep Rovella, Fagioli and Miretti. Get rid of Rabiot and Arthur. They had their chances and both of them blew it. So lets give these youngsters a chance.

  5. What to make of this guy and his entourage (mum)? They’re the sole family of modern footballers to have donated to J-M Bosman – you know from the Bosman Arrest, the oldskool baller that got transfer rights somehow sorted for players to be able to switch clubs. Until Raiola’s and Mendes’ generation of agents completely mess it all up, yes. So go on Rabiots, make the human trafficantes suffer.

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