Quagliarella unveils documentary on stalker nightmare

by | Oct 25, 2021 18:28

Fabio Quagliarella and his Sampdoria teammates attended the premiere of a new documentary on his stalker nightmare, called The Untold Truth.

The Italy international left his hometown club Napoli after just one season in 2010 to join rivals Juventus, which prompted an angry backlash from the supporters.

Only many years later was it revealed he had been forced to move away from the city due to a stalker, who had been planting false and malicious stories about him.

In another shocking twist, it emerged the stalker was a police officer who was pretending to help the family get through the situation, but instead did not report any of the offences.

“I had this particular experience in my career that I struggle to talk about, and opening that wound again was not easy for me,” said Quagliarella at the presentation of the documentary.

“As time went on, I trusted Goffredo D’Onofrio and his crew, I opened up and so did my family. The documentary lasts 90 minutes, but it could’ve frankly been even more.”

Among those attending the premiere were all of Quagliarella’s Sampdoria teammates, as well as Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci.

Others who could not attend, such as Antonio Conte, Gigi Buffon, Claudio Ranieri and Andrea Pirlo, sent video messages.


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