PSG use Kessié and Pogba to convince Mbappé snub Real Madrid?

by | Jan 19, 2022 12:20

According to ESPN, PSG are in talks with Franck Kessié and Paul Pogba and hope to convince Kylian Mbappé to stay at the club by signing both in the summer.

Kessié and Pogba see their current deals expire at the end of the season.

Kessié is unlikely to extend with Milan despite an offer in the region of €6.5m.

The Ivorian midfielder’s agent has reportedly requested €8-9m per season, so the two parties are nowhere close to reaching an agreement.

PSG and Tottenham are among the clubs interested in signing the 24-year-old as a free agent and according to ESPN, the Ligue 1 giants are already in talks with the player’s entourage.

The same goes for Pogba, who is unlikely to make a return to Juventus in the summer.

According to the report, PSG hope to convince Mbappé to stay at the club by signing both midfield stars.

The France international has been heavily linked with a free move to Real Madrid and is eligible to sign a pre-contract agreement ahead of a free transfer in the summer.


  1. Stam

    Kessie agent has laughted at 6.5 and later reports told he is being offered 5.8. I would not accept that too, thats just 2m more than Bakayoko….

  2. Stam

    Maybe to make ot easier to read, he laught at 6,5 pointing that Kessie is not offered that much by Milan. Given later we had info about 5,8 offered instead it seems agent leaked the REAL offer to media

  3. DB Milan

    I’ve hated PSG ever since Ibra and Silva. That and the questionable owners. This does not help.

  4. Dazziano Colucci

    I agree DB. PSG are just vultures. The league in France is poor and Kessie and Pogba will not become better players there. The locker room is toxic and full of overated aging stars. Take Messi for instance, he has looked a shadow of the player he was at Barcelona.

  5. Ma Va Kaka

    i’m confused, So the reason Mbappe wants to leave psg is because he believes the rest of the PSG team mates are rubbish?? …………. and signing Kessie and Pogba will make him stay ?

  6. Milan Fan

    Funny thing is, PSG probably still won’t win any trophies in Europe. Man City are still looking for theirs. They’re just ruining football.

    Here’s a funny joke : Jack Grealish costs 120m lol

  7. DB Milan

    100%, Dazziano. They will sink to the level of Ligue 1 and stay there other than the CL games.

    Milan Fan I hope you’re right. Either of those clubs winning CL would be terrible for football. Aston Villa did so well to get that much for Grealish. One great season does not make a great player.


    when Mbappe signs with Madrid, Dybala might become a target

  9. ACM1899

    Not sure why you guys are hating on PSG – they have money and they flaunt it. Good for them. Ibra and Silva left because Berlusconi needed money. Not because they wanted to leave. If anything, I feel sad for them because with all that money they still can’t buy a CL Trophy! 🙂

  10. Feroli

    It’s not really fair to hate on PSG and Man City. What the owners have done in both cases is build a long term and sustainable project. The transformation in the City of Manchester has also been remarkable. Paris was already quite salubrious. Both teams are amongst the best in the world and though they may not have the pedigree of Milan or even Man Utd remember that Milan’s pedigree is slipping further and further into the past and is a memory for many. For anyone in their 20s or early 30s they will have no recollection of Milan ever being a ‘top team’. And perhaps that doesn’t matter. But football is a business, it is a spectacle . . . . And the viewer knows who PSG and Man City are. Do they put Milan in the same category? Probably not. It’s not a criticism just an observation. Nothing would be better than to see Milan playing CL finals again. But the gulf in investment between the PL and Serie A is just to big for Milan to be able to compete.

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