PSG or Manchester City for Ronaldo, Mendes under pressure

by | Aug 24, 2021 10:19

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Manchester City is the only possible destination for Cristiano Ronaldo, but reports in France suggest the Juventus striker can still join PSG.

Ronaldo sees his contract expire in June 2022, but he hopes to leave Juventus before the expiration of his deal with the Bianconeri.

Jorge Mendes has been offering the Portuguese star to the best clubs around Europe without finding suitors willing to pay his €31m-a-year salary.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, the super-agent is now ‘under pressure’ as Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus, but his representative hasn’t yet found a new club for the striker and is running out of time.

With just one week remaining before the end of the summer transfer window, Ronaldo has few options left.

As per La Gazzetta dello Sport, PSG are not in the race to sign Ronaldo after welcoming Leo Messi, so Manchester City is the only possible destination for the 36-year-old.


However, Il Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and RMC in France insist Ronaldo can still join PSG in the last week of the summer transfer window, provided Kylian Mbappé joins Real Madrid.

The France star has reportedly informed PSG that he doesn’t want to sign a contract extension and is ready to move to Madrid as a free agent in one year.

Ronaldo is looking for an escape route from the Allianz Stadium and started Juventus’ Serie A opener against Udinese on the bench.

However, according to Sky Sport Italia, Ronaldo has not informed Juventus that he wants to leave and the Old Lady hasn’t received any formal bid for the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star.


  1. Token Bubble

    Despite his impressive goals per game ratio, he’s never felt like a Juventino. I will therefore not be bothered if he leaves, the money saved on his wages and a nominal fee can really bolster the squad. Only thing that does bother me is the timing, if he were to leave at this point, it leaves us with slim chances to bring in a quality replacement in this window.


    Moral of the story. Not everyone can own and maintain a Ferrari, some teams are just not built for selfish superstars. Am a Milan fan but, I loved juve when they had mandzukic, Dybala and Higuain in attack. They had balance and the team was formidable.

  3. Blob

    Cr7 leaving doesn’t bother me as much as this constant media nonsense. Start being journalist, it’s insane how much nonsense the media outlets right but once again at the bottom “but he never asked to leave “ it’s absolutely disgusting to the fans and to the man himself as he mentioned in his social media post. Stop
    With the rumours and start with the facts , or at least add a question mark beside the post l. It’s annoying seeing the same post 50 times

  4. Forza

    He will stay, job is not finished, ronaldo not hide from struggles like rat messi, ronaldo will finish his job you will see

  5. JJoronen

    And by finishing the job you mean….UCL victory?

  6. Gamal

    Maybe it’s best that he goes, use that money to get decent midfield as it’s a shambles at the moment.

  7. Taz

    I hope Ronaldo leaves Juventus. The club and it’s fans have treated him like an outcast from day one despite his impressive contributions. it’s sad to see that they put every blame on him. Joining Juve was the worst decision he ever took.

  8. @jimmy_Stallion

    If he wanted to leave as badly as everyone says, I’m sure Juve would accommodate. They are the team that coined “players will.” Why I think it’s not as bad as people say is, Ronaldo/Juve would have already agreed to end the last year by mutual consent.

  9. Forza

    Yes we can win champions league with ronaldo only need that Polish to get out from our net because we can not win again with such low level player, he is alcoholic and smoker, ronaldo wasted 3 years in one team with such jerk

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