Ivan Provedel reveals why he rushed forward on the final corner to score the Lazio equaliser against Atletico Madrid on his Champions League debut. ‘I studied Ciro Immobile.’

The Aquile were trailing 1-0 at the Stadio Olimpico on his Champions League debut and Provedel had in fact kept them in the game with a stunning save.

He then proved decisive at the other end, ghosting through the Atletico Madrid defence to get a glancing header on the Luis Alberto ball into the box, beating his colleague Jan Oblak.

It was the last kick of the game at the 95th minute and Provedel had decided to simply go up there and give it a go.

“It was difficult to hear anything from the bench, so we were unable to communicate on whether I should go up or not. They did manage to tell me when it was the penultimate minute, so I figured there must be 30 seconds left and it was the last chance,” Provedel told Sky Sport Italia.

His teammates oddly seemed to be more excited by the goal that he was.

“I don’t think I’ve quite realised what happened. Football is quick, both in good and bad ways, so we have another game coming up in Serie A where we haven’t started well and need to get back on track.

“As for today, we didn’t win the game, we only got a point.”

It was pointed out that for a goalkeeper he had a remarkable sense of how to run in order to lose the marker and get on the end of that cross with just a glance of the head from six yards.

“I could joke and say I’ve been studying Ciro Immobile. Luis Alberto usually fires to the back post, I thought it was the only gap I could see, so I went there.”

It was also not the first goal of Provedel’s career, because he also found the net during Ascoli’s 2-2 draw with Juve Stabia in February 2020 in Serie B.

“They are two different situations, two very important goals, two very important seasons for me and they both mean a great deal to me.”

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