Further details from the Prisma investigation into Juventus have been revealed, with new leaks ranging from complaints about the club’s poor investments to Andrea Agnelli’s choice of employees.

The Prisma investigation, headed by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, is examining the Bianconeri’s financial practices over the last few years, looking into allegations of falsified capital gains and market manipulation through secret player wage payments. The investigation is separate to the FIGC court’s recent decision to deduct Juventus 15 points.

Corriere della Sera has released a new round of leaks from the Prisma investigation, revealing various conversations recently held by the club’s former directors.

Former CEO Maurizio Arrivabene explained to investigators on November 29 2021 that Juventus were aware of their financial limitations, saying: “I had called Cherubini, telling him not to spend a lira more than what was budgeted. I think Agnelli trusts me because he considers me honest. And it’s enough to read the last balance sheets, surely there was economic tension, not financial tension.”

Federico Cherubini looked to point the finger of blame at former sporting director Fabio Paratici, sharing his frustration with the high wage bill: “Our worst earns as much as Atalanta‘s best. Zapata gets €1.8m… if we bought a dog, we would give him €3.5m. We were arrogant in the market, because the Fabio of five years earlier didn’t sign Higuain for €90m, he signed Gabriel Jesus for €10m, and made him a €90m.”

Cherubini was also against the deal to sign Federico Chiesa, telling Agnelli that the reason wasn’t tactical but economic, commenting: “Federico Chiesa does not seem to me the profile of a player who can stay many years at Juve, due to his entourage very much looking for substantial economic increases.”

Agnelli himself was aware of the club’s poor investments in recent years, noting: “If I put up, from 2010 when I arrived to today, the crap we have done the last three days of the market, we have thrown €60-70m down the drain… I’d tell you so.”

The investigators also heard a phone call between Agnelli and Exor CEO John Elkann, where they discussed how to bring fan favourite Alessandro Del Piero closer to the club.

Finally, Arrivabene was heard complaining about the inexperienced employees hired by Agnelli, saying: “All the little boys that Andrea is in love with (the employees, ed.) have never moved a finger in their entire lives, these need to be sent onto the pitch, if you don’t put them on the pitch they will always make great things to read about, but a little more difficult to achieve.”

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