Pogba was allegedly threatened with assault rifles and intimidated at Juventus’ training ground

According to Franceinfo, Paul Pogba was threatened and intimidated multiple times by a gang, including his brother Mathias, also at Juventus‘ training ground.

The France international has taken legal action against his brother, who released a video this morning saying that he had ‘explosive claims’ about the former Manchester United star.

“The whole world, including my brother’s fans, France, Juventus and his sponsors,” he said, among other things.

“They need to have the information and take an informed decision on whether he deserves respect and love from the fans. If he deserves to play for Juventus and a place in the France World Cup squad.”

Pogba’s lawyers reacted promptly, saying that they were aware Pogba had received ‘threats and extortion attempts’ and that ‘authorities in Italy and France had been informed.’

There is a new chapter of this saga as according to Franceinfo, Pogba has informed Italian authorities that he was ‘trapped’ by some childhood friends and other hooded people with assault rifles. They demanded €13m from him and allegedly stole €300,000 and a credit card.

Pogba allegedly claimed the incident happened during the March break when he returned to his hometown Lagny-sur-Marne, in France. Pogba said he was dragged into an apartment where he was accused of not having helped his friends financially since he became a football star.

According to the report, more recent incidents occurred in Turin, where a group of people, allegedly including his brother Mathias, intimidated Pogba at Juventus’ training ground La Continassa.

Mathias released a second video today where he accused his brother of lying to Italian Police.

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  1. More importantly it shows why the big guns of Europe were not queuing up for him. The 7/9 circus and Pythagoras Theorem PhD Max decided to bring the circus back to the 1Mbps Allianz, home of 1600 BC calcio bedtime champagne

  2. Only one with uncensored comments appearing everything. Everyone else’s is triple filtered. Coincidence?

  3. How is this news. Conte and his family used to get death threats. I bet Allegri doesn’t get any threats because he reached the CL final twice some years ago.

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