Le Monde have published extracts from Paul Pogba’s deposition to French police, where the Juventus midfielder recounted the kidnap and extortion attempt. ‘They pointed guns at me, it was frightening.’

The midfielder is currently under police protection while in Italy as he recovers from knee surgery and five people have been charged in France with the extortion attempt, including his older brother Mathias.

While there was also an incident at the Juventus training ground in Turin, the main focus of the investigation is the evening of March 19, 2022 in Paris.

According to his deposition, as he was returning to his hotel along with a childhood friend named as Boubacar C, other friends known as Adama C, brothers Roushdane and Machikour K, took Pogba to an apartment in Chanteloup-en-Brie.

Here they forced Pogba to turn off his telephone and a few moments later two men burst in wearing hoods and bulletproof vests.

At this point, Roushdane ‘invited’ Pogba to pay them €13m, including €3m in cash, for ‘protection’ he would receive in future.

“It was frightening,” Pogba was quoted as saying in the deposition by Le Monde.

“Both of them pointed guns at me. Being threatened like this, I told them I would pay, but they started shouting: ‘Shut up, keep your eyes down.’

“One of the two hooded men whispered in Roushdane’s ear. When they left, Roushdane told me that I had to pay, otherwise we were all in danger.”

One thought on “Pogba tells police of extortion ordeal: ‘They pointed guns at me’”
  1. Don Moggi would never have brought this clown to a once proud club and invite the circus. He has not even set foot on the field, the 7/9 under PhD Coma cannot muster a single shot on goal and you have chaos behind the curtain.

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