Pogba must take pay cut if he chooses Juventus over PSG

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba will have to take a significant pay cut if he comes back to Juventus after Manchester United, claim reports, while PSG are offering more and Real Madrid bide their time.

The midfielder will be a free agent when his contract at Old Trafford expires on June 30.

Although there had been some suggestions he could remain in Manchester and join their rivals City, that seems to have been pushed aside as an alternative.

He is looking to leave the Premier League, with Juve and Paris Saint-Germain the main contenders.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportitalia transfer expert Alfredo Pedullà, Juventus cannot offer more than €7-8m per season wages to Pogba.

This approach of lowering the salary bill is also why Paulo Dybala has been told to find another club when his contract expires this summer.

On the other hand, PSG are proposing at least double figures, while Real Madrid for the moment are biding their time to see how the situation develops.

Juve’s advantage is that Pogba already knows the club and the city, where he was well-loved and appreciated, having the best form of his career.

9 Comments on “Pogba must take pay cut if he chooses Juventus over PSG”

  1. Should go to PSG. It’s his home country, will be a new experience and more money. He’d be stupid to return to Juve.

  2. Let’s be real, Pogba was not likely going back to Juve over Madrid or PSG, and now that it’s clear Juve will not at least match his wages, he’s definitely not going there.

  3. Rudiger going to Madrid and Pogba ain’t gonna take a pay cut.
    No SMS coming to Juve either.
    Enjoy your mercato.

  4. Why go to PSG?? I cant understand players who destroy their pro-years in that club??
    No one Will remember you, we are talking about the french leauge!!! What a joke.. The dutch leauge have more glory! Go to Ajax If you want to step down, but the french leauge???? Talk about a hole in your schedule..

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