Pogba limps off after Juventus training session

Juventus were a little anxious after star returnee Paul Pogba was forced to limp off the pitch after a training session.

The Bianconeri are currently undergoing their usual US pre-season tour and they picked up a comfortable 2-0 win against Chivas yesterday at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada. Massimiliano Allegri is working hard to prepare his squad for the upcoming season, which’ll kick off in less than a month now.

As reported by La Gazette dello Sport, Pogba limped off the pitch after an afternoon training session, initially concerning the Juventus staff. He suddenly stopped running immediately after finishing an exercise, and he asked for help from the medical team.

The 2018 World Cup winner returned to the dressing room with the aid of two of Allegri’s staff, but as he was leaving the pitch he gave a thumbs up to his coach and teammates, suggesting that it’s nothing too serious. 

Pogba is no stranger to injuries and missed large parts of last season due to hamstring and calf issues. He missed at least 19 games due to this issues, and the season prior he missed 13 matches due to hamstring and ankle problems.

6 Comments on “Pogba limps off after Juventus training session”

  1. No surprise as he missed a whopping 89 games in his second spell at Man Utd. Already looks to be good business for Juve. He better fly back and get some last minute tips from a soon to be departing Flimsey, and go work on his beloved tik tok.

  2. Maybe so but even broken, he’s still better than almost all Serie A midfielders. Always had lots of haters, maybe because he’s won things that long serving players could only dream of and he’s still young. But yes, go ahead and tap away on your keyboard… I’m sure it’ll build your skill and a scout will spot you one day.

  3. Y’all Pogba haters look like hyenas waiting for a lion to fall down
    Pogba was the best player in the last match and is also the best midfielder currently in Italian teams.
    Calm down haters

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