Paul Pogba and Juventus can have mixed feelings looking at the most recent Serie A failed doping test, because Atalanta defender Jose Luis Palomino was banned for almost four months before he was cleared.

News agency ANSA announced that the France international had failed an initial doping test after the 3-0 victory away to Udinese on August 20.

Pogba remained on the bench throughout that game, but was one of those randomly drawn to undergo doping tests, which showed elevated levels of testosterone in the blood.

There will be another test within three days and Pogba is suspended automatically until the B Sample is analysed.

If confirmed, then Pogba will be suspended pending a verdict.

However, this could take quite some time, as he can learn from the last time a player failed a Serie A doping test.

That was Atalanta defender Palomino during a pre-season check in July 2022.

Palomino sat out four months until he was eventually cleared by the anti-doping tribunal on November 7, 2022.

He had tested positive for Clostebol Metabolites and was able to successfully convince the tribunal that anything he had taken to cause that result was accidental contamination.

So while he was cleared of wrongdoing, Palomino still lost nearly four months of the season.

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  1. Poul Pogba his a good I thing if you can give him a chance he can do better. On the other side Poul he doesn’t like pear presure, that man his so energetic

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