Paul Pogba has failed an initial doping test, but there are more steps now before it can be said that the Juventus midfielder tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

News agency ANSA announced this afternoon that Pogba had shown elevated levels of testosterone in his blood test after the 3-0 Serie A victory away to Udinese on August 20.

Pogba did not play in that match, remaining on the bench throughout, but he was one of those randomly selected to undergo tests.

In these cases, the player can request a counter-analysis to check that there were no errors in the sample.

Within the next seven days, the B Sample will be analysed by the same laboratory that checked the A Sample.

If the positive test is confirmed, then the player is automatically suspended awaiting a verdict.

Pogba risks a ban of up to four years if found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs.

He can also try to present the case that any substance was taken unknowingly or the elevated levels of testosterone could even be traced back to a medical issue.

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