Multiple reports in Italy claim Paul Pogba will appear in a Paris court today in a trial in which he is the victim of alleged extorsion, while counter-analysis on the test that came back positive for doping will be carried out on September 20.

Italian sports papers claim Pogba is in Paris today as he will appear in court as a victim of extortion allegedly perpetrated by some of his childhood friends and family members in March 2022, before his return to Juventus from Manchester United.

The France international is not training at Continassa as he was precautionarily suspended by the Anti-Doping Commission on Monday after failing a doping test.

Pogba has requested counter-analysis and according to Friday’s printed edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (page 11), the second test will take place on Wednesday, September 20.

Due to his suspension, Pogba is receiving minimum wages from Juventus, circa €2,000 per month, but his contract could be terminated if the second test comes back positive and the player is found guilty of doping in a sporting trial.

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