Pochettino: ‘PSG like Juventus and Man City in Champions League’

Mauricio Pochettino

Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino used Juventus and Manchester City as examples of clubs that can’t win the Champions League.

The coach is under fire after fumbling a lead to be eliminated in the Round of 16 by Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid.

Despite spending huge amounts of money and bringing in free agent Lionel Messi, PSG are still getting no closer to the ultimate prize in club football.

However, in defending himself from that criticism, Pochettino pointed to other clubs in a similar position.

“So far, PSG have reached the Champions League semi-final and the final, so it’s part of a process that requires time,” he said in a press conference.

“There are also clubs like Juventus and Manchester City who want to win the Champions League, but they cannot achieve what they are working for.”

Juventus have only ever won the European Cup in 1985 and the Champions League in 1996, despite reaching the Final on nine occasions.

As for Manchester City, they have never managed to lift the Champions League trophy, struggling even during the dominant Premier League era of manager Pep Guardiola.

They came close last season, reaching the Final only to lose against Chelsea.

6 Comments on “Pochettino: ‘PSG like Juventus and Man City in Champions League’”

  1. uff salty.
    Not a juve fan, but damn psg is nowhere near juve’s level.
    PSG never won CL, and Pochettino never even won the league.

  2. Last time I looked, Juve has won two UCL’s and PSG and Man City have won none. Maybe compare PSG and Man City, but do not compare them with Juve.

  3. It’s clear that he’s saying all 3 are big clubs, have spent a fortune, are all desperate to win the CL and have not achieved main target.

    Yes, Juve have won the title twice, but the last one was 26 years ago. Right now, all 3 are in the same boat along with Man Utd.

    As a team/squad, Juve are some way behind City and PSG. As a club and when it comes to prestige, Juve are a way ahead thanks to their rich history and strong management over the years. City and PSG would be next to nothing without their Middle Eastern owners.

  4. No doubt Juventus are the biggest club in Italy but they are minnows on the European stage. All major clubs have won the CL at least once in the 21st Century. If you cannot defeat Ajax, Lyon, Porto and Villarreal how can you claim to be European royalty. Honestly Real Madrid have 13 CL’s to the measly 2 of Juve.

  5. Don’t be so defensive people! The point Poch is making is quite valid. If anything, to be mentioned in the same sentence as PSG and Man City, is at least acknowledgment that Juventus are considered a ‘big’ team.

  6. One could claim that Juve is better than both PSG and City considering how much more money those two have spent in the last decade.

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