Plusvalenze trial, all clubs and directors cleared

by | Apr 15, 2022 15:07

In a sensational twist, all 11 clubs and 59 individuals in the trial over inflated transfer fees to boost capital gains, including Juventus, Napoli, Genoa and Sampdoria, have been cleared.

The FIGC had been hoping to get a verdict by mid-May, before the end of the season, with likely only fines rather than docked points or even relegation.

However, in a shock turning point, all of those who were charged have been cleared in the first trial.

Among the transfers under the spotlight were Victor Osimhen to Napoli and the Arthur Melo-Miralem Pjanic exchange with Barcelona.

The 11 clubs deferred to the disciplinary commission were Juventus, Napoli, Sampdoria, Genoa, Empoli, Pro Vercelli, Parma, Pisa, Chievo, Novara and Pescara.

The FIGC Prosecutor had tried to charge 59 directors, demanding a year-long ban for Juventus President Andrea Agnelli and Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis.

All of these have now been dropped, as the judges agreed with the version put forward by the clubs that the FIGC did not have the right parameters or ability to evaluate the true transfer worth of a player.

The basis for the entire trial was therefore considered flawed and essentially thrown out of court.

The case was brought forward in the so-called ‘Plusvalenze’ scandal – boosting transfer fees in exchange deals to make it look as if clubs were moving around much larger assets, therefore helping to balance the books.


  1. 1MIKEJ

    Wow I’m so surprised on this outcome, said no one ever.

  2. Fino alla fine

    Silence from the Interisti. Amazing how quick they are to judge and then when this farce is thrown out based on the actual evidence (or complete lack thereof), they have nothing to say. Now Juve and Co should sue for defamation.

  3. Juve

    Juventus against everyone. This time the snakes didnt manage to fullfill their Anti Juve agenda like in 2006. Fino alla fine

  4. Geedup

    I find it difficult to understand how this is Inter’s fault or business? Were there any Inter officials that made comments about this case? If a few fans speak how does that tie in with the club?

  5. Al

    “ The basis for the entire trial was therefore considered flawed ” .. duh!

  6. Mike

    Devastating news for writers at football-Italia. They were really hoping this would turn out to be Calciopoli part 2.

  7. AD

    @Geedup In 2006 Inter was not even investigated when it turned out they where the ones guilty of what Juve was accused of. Same story with this. Inter not even investigated when it’s well known that they have done the excact same thing as Juve. This was just another smear campaign by Inter fans in the italian football justice system

  8. NOrata

    @Mike Totally! Fi writers are shamelessly anti-Juve. They often censor comments against Inter, too. They’ll probably run a non-story about how the trial should have been run by Guido Rossi. Better luck next time!

  9. Ravanelli

    “The basis for the entire trial was therefore considered flawed and essentially thrown out of court.”

    Of course it was.

    A bunch of prosecutors trying trying to make a name for themselves.

  10. Fallaf

    @fino alla fino,
    Exactly my thoughts, well said.
    Forza Juve!!!


    What you really expect from Italian courts/judges/officials? Truth? Justice? Look where this nation stands. All of sudden, all clubs all of sudden have been cleared should tell you a lot!

    … and Inter was part of investigation too! So I am not sure what are you crying about?!!! Get over it, JUVE LOST!

  12. Fino alla fine

    @I Miss Juve – given how you always pop up in these threads, I’m pretty sure you’re FI staff!
    And we’re not crying about anything…you can’t just cherry pick justice. When Juve are cleared, then it means the nation is in a poor state. Good logic there. Juve Won, actually, despite the mud slinging. And on the pitch, we’ve just come off a run of 9 in a row…unprecedented…so the other teams have nothing to gloat about.
    So you and the rest of the FI staff can go back to moaning about refs and Var and the rest, while Juve rebuilds and prepares for another huge run of titles.


    Gravina LOL. Maybe focus on improving Italian football instead of personal vendettas.

  14. NOrata

    @I Miss Juve – obviously you can’t read :
    The 11 clubs deferred to the disciplinary commission were Juventus, Napoli, Sampdoria, Genoa, Empoli, Pro Vercelli, Parma, Pisa, Chievo, Novara and Pescara.

    Inter not mentioned…so it’s one thing looking into something and having no desire to find anything, and quite another to bring a case up against a club.

    This is a victory against hysteria and those who want to win when finishing 3rd. And against yet another prosecutor who wants to make a name for himself.

  15. Caffe di Herrera

    Funny all these shinter fans with their sense of self-righteousness. Disgusting and laughable at the same time.

  16. AD

    @I MISS JUVE IN SERIE B Juve lost? You talking about the Juve- Inter match? We Juve fans have moved on from that now. So you can go back to crying about that penalty you did not get 25 years ago. LOL

  17. Francesco


    Spell the Champions and Only Treble winners correctly, you fool. INTER.

    Yes we are in such pains as we head towards another Scudetto and you head towards another 4th place finish. Haha. Congratulations on winning this little trial, what was the maximum punishment some silly fines? You lost the main one, and got relegated. Unforgettable scar which still haunts you. 😉

  18. Ahmed Hossam

    Fino alla fine

    Easy there old chap with the suing and big talk, I remember juve wanted to sue during Calciopoli and what did you get? Sweet f all.

  19. Francesco

    this is the only thing juventini can celebrate this season hahahahaaha poor little souls.

  20. Ahmed Hossam

    Forza Juve.💪

  21. Samy Ibrahim

    Francesco, we celebrated the last 9 years where inda Was irrelevant like they are nowadays.

  22. Samy Ibrahim

    Ahemda Hossam, still celebrating the paper titles for inter. Yeah thats common sense. Cleberate cuz u have nothing just paper titles lol. Joke of a club

  23. Ahmed Hossam

    Hi Samya. Who won the Scudetto last season, dumbo? And we certainly have a better chance of winning it again this season compared to your crappy mediocre juve lol. Are you 4th or 5th now?

  24. Francesco


    That is called the past. Your last Scudetto was 2020. We are in 2022 now if you are not aware.
    The present is this: you are celebrating a home draw against Bologna which will help you get 4th place (again)

  25. Francesco

    Samy, Inter irrelevant nowadays you laughably claim? Are you drugged up or do you have mental problems? Inter are the reigning Italian Champions and competing for a title defence this season.

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