Player forced to strip by ultras following defeat in play-offs

by | May 23, 2022 14:13

Three Avellino ultras have been arrested after player Claudiu Micovschi was attacked and forced to strip following their defeat to Foggia in the Serie C play-offs.

Italian news agency Adnkronos report the incident took place on May 4 after Avellino’s 2-1 defeat.

The report suggests irate ultras attempted to get at the players immediately after the match but were blocked off by security and police.

Later that evening, they caught up with with Romanian player Micovschi as he was driving home alongside a team-mate and forced the 23-year-old to strip. The inference being that he was not worthy of wearing the club’s colours.

Three supporters, one 22-year-old and two 30-year-olds have been arrested. A woman was also believed to have been part of the group but has yet to be identified.

Sky Sport Italia report another player was also followed home by supporters following the loss.

A draw would have been enough to send Avellino to the play-off quarter-finals.


  1. mr bone

    Could you please write an article about these ultra fans in Italian football? While they are a very loyal fanbase, I sometimes feel they go too far sometimes. UK doesn’t have a similar group afaik. Just want to know more about them

  2. SL

    @Mr bone agree completely, I keep writing about these ultras and why is nothing done about them, this just another disgusting example.

  3. Rosario


    but your lot can go on the pitch punching and abusing coaches and players, and yet your press basically has no issues with it. Talk about irony.

  4. Ali

    When I consider the Ultras, the ignorance that stains Italian society for racism/fascism et. al, the horrendous bureaucracy, the dated infrastructure…

    I sometimes wonder why I bother supporting an Italian football team as it therefore extends to me being a fan of Italian football.

    Ultras are a stain to Italian football.

  5. Azzurro FAN

    My goodness how dumb are are Italian ultras??? These people are the ugly side of calcio and part of a disgusting culture. Idiots!!!!

  6. Rosario

    The only ‘ugly side’ of calico are plastics like you!

  7. LUIGI

    The story seems a bit blown out of proportion. Did they make him take his jersey off, or did they force him to take his regular street clothes off (which would just be bizarre)?

  8. Fatecisognare

    Typical whataboutism from a pretend supporter of the beautiful game in Italy. Rosario, your thinking is one of the reasons why families don’t go to watch their teams in Italy. It’s a known problem that the ultras rule the stands and are a blight on our sport. If these guys weren’t mafiosi/camorristi/ndrangheta, they would be arrested every week. There’s nothing to defend.

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