Platini: ‘Juve carry on, Ceferin will drift away’

by | Jun 9, 2021 17:13

Michel Platini insists the Super League clubs ‘had every right’ to start a breakaway competition. ‘Juventus and the Agnelli family will carry on, while Aleksandar Ceferin will drift away.’

The verdict is still not clear for Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the only clubs still clinging to the Super League project.

Meanwhile, the six Premier League sides have accepted huge fines and a suspended 30-point penalty if they go to a similar idea in future.

“The fight between UEFA and the Super League members is laughable, because the clubs have wanted to change the formula of European competition for 50 years,” former UEFA President Platini told Il Giornale.

“The directors had almost managed it, then there was this strong reaction from the fans and the media, so it was all blocked off.

“The people and media did what UEFA were unable to do: keep all the clubs together. All the clubs have every right to organise a Super League and also participate in tournaments organised by UEFA and FIFA.

“It was L’Equipe 60 years ago that had the idea of a Champions Cup, which was then taken over by UEFA.”

The primary complaint people had about the Super League was the fact most clubs were guaranteed entry and others had to be invited.

“I am in favour of meritocracy in football, but when there was the vote for the current Champions League formula, I voted against it in 1992.”

Ceferin took Juventus President Andrea Agnelli’s turnaround personally.

“Juventus and the Agnelli family will continue to exist, while Ceferin will drift away,” concluded Platini.


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