Plans for Serie A tournament in USA cancelled

by | May 20, 2022 12:41

Serie A’s plan to host a tournament in America during the upcoming World Cup in Qatar have been shelved.

Back in February, Lega Serie A unveiled plans to host a 20-team tournament in Florida involving all the Serie A teams, with players who hadn’t been called up to the World Cup taking part. Fans were confused and divided about the idea, with some appreciating the idea of seeing their favourite teams live, whilst others pointed to the already packed schedule.

As reported by Corriere della Sera, Serie A’s plans to host this tournament in America have been totally shelved, with organisational difficulties and financial concerns being citied as to the reasons why. There is also the possibility that FIFA raised issue with the idea.

Serie A are still trying to appeal to the American market and a temporary exhibition is currently taking place on Madison Avenue in New York, called ‘Calcio is Back’. Next week, the Metropolitan Museum will host the Serie A gala, an event which will be attended by a number of familiar faces such as Alessandro Del Piero, Andrea Pirlo and Fabio Cannavaro.


  1. Brandon

    Foolish idea from the start.

  2. cheech


    Madison Avenue Market slogan should be called “Calcio is Dead”.

  3. Riberto jirikdjian

    Calcio will be back for sure! It is a cycle

  4. Brandon

    Not the point.

    Idiots who brainstormed this idea do not know the sports element of the USA.

    Have a tournament on the USA DURING the World Cup? LOL, what?

    All soccer/football fans will be watching the World Cup, not this dinky Serie A tournament minus those players not involved in the World Cup.

    And those sports fans in the USA who don’t care about this particular sport will be conpletely and fully entrenched in the NFL Season.

    These fools at the Lega Calcio have ZERO idea of the sporting culture in the USA.

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