Milan have lost five derbies in a row against their arch-rivals Inter, scoring once and conceding 12, but Stefano Pioli angrily refused to ‘apologise’ to the fans. ‘Do you think we lost 5-1 on purpose?’

The Rossoneri have had a nightmare 2023 against their city cousins, suffering five consecutive defeats between Serie A, the Supercoppa Italiana and the Champions League semi-finals.

It was hoped this season would be better after a ramped up transfer strategy that brought in 12 new players, but instead they suffered their heaviest defeat with a 5-1 result.

“Inter are strong, that is not surprising, but the result is too heavy considering our performance,” insisted Pioli in the press conference.

When the coach was asked by a reporter if he felt it was time to apologise to the fans, he reacted angrily.

“I do not agree with this idea of apologising to the fans. Do you think we lost 5-1 to Inter on purpose and lose the derby? We are disappointed, just as the fans are. You should only apologise when you do something wrong on purpose.”

Pioli was pushed again, urged to look back at the run of five derbies with one goal scored and 12 conceded.

“You turn around and look at what you want. We lost five derbies and will try to do better.”

It remains to be seen if the Milan hierarchy share the same view as Pioli, because it was reported the directors entered the locker room after the match.

“The directors were there to give us strength, but we cannot go home with our heads held too high.”

6 thought on “Pioli refuses to ‘apologise to Milan fans’ after humiliating derby run”
  1. Of course he feels this way. That’s 5 defeats in a row vs Inter. When you have a defeatist mindset, you somehow find pride even in failures. They let him get away with a disastrous season last season, so he clearly feels untouchable.

    He sends Gabbia away to instead play one defender who can’t even run, another who plays like he’s 55, and tomori whose footballing IQ is 55. He continues to start Krunic and giroud despite umpteenth purchases rotting on the bench 👏🏽

    Capello apologised in 98 when Milan lost 0-5 to Roma. He had the self respect to say only a few words. Expecting the same from Pioli is asking for too much.

  2. Pioli has no balls. He should take a responsibilities for such a humiliating result and especially for performance.
    They have brought him many talented players and he prepared them for a match like this? Its a shame !!! Get rid of him finally !

  3. @Albert @Peter sadly, getting rid of him will not solve the problem. In fact, it may create newer problems. Who’s the most suitable replacement? Conte? Nah, he complains too much. I’m afraid Milan will be stuck with Pioli til 2023/2024 season over. Let’s hope he can turn things around.

  4. Shocking result. Shocking manager. Transfers brought in are average at best. He and the rest of Milan powers have no idea what they are doing.
    No game is easy, we make the easiest side look amazing and the hardest sides look like god. We are simply not good enough.
    We will get destroyed in CL this year for sure. Under pioli we have only got worse every season!

  5. Since Inzaghi is at the helm of Inter it’s been the same trap. Kind of weird that Pioli falls in it constantly. Anyway it s normal that Milan is not fluid with so many new players. Giroud is too easy too handle coz too static, Pulisic would be better competing on the left with leao… And what the hell is this idea of Calabria or Théo constantly playing as an inside mid while in possession ???

  6. Milan are a useless bunch of no-hopers, there’s far too many Italians at the club – it’s crawling with them – there’s Calabria and then there’s Calabria, as well as Calabria, and oh yeah Calabria, oops almost forgot Calab….

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