Petkovic: ‘Italy ran six kilometres more than us’

by | Jun 16, 2021 23:35

Switzerland CT Vladimir Petkovic was disappointed with the performance in the 3-0 defeat to the Azzurri. ‘Italy ran six kilometres more than us’.

Italy ran Switzerland ragged in the second round of Euro 2020 on Wednesday and Petkovic admitted his men were outplayed by ‘a very strong’ side that can go far in the tournament.

Locatelli is only the third Italy player to score a brace in the Euros

“We played against a very strong Italy,” he said at a press conference. “They created problems for us, we weren’t at 100 per cent.

“We conceded goals, we weren’t sure and that’s not normal for us.

“I already said yesterday that Italy don’t arrive from the Turkey game, they come from a path of 29 consecutive games unbeaten, with players who have great quality.

“If they continue like this, they have a chance to finish in the top four. There are some other teams competing, then it depends on the individual matches.”

Petkovic pointed out that the Swiss made ‘obvious’ mistakes against a ruthless Italy.

“It seems obvious to me. It would be enough to ask the commentator,” he said. “Everyone made mistakes, it wasn’t a match at 100 per cent.

“If we had been, it would have been different.

“Italy rand six kilometres more than us, it’s a physical and mental fact. They have travelled at a high pace, that’s where they made the difference.”


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