Pellegrini: ‘Roma can only apologise’

by | Oct 21, 2021 20:51

Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini can ‘only apologise’ to the fans after a 6-1 defeat to Bodo/Glimt in the Europa Conference League.

The humiliating defeat has been described by some supporters and members of the media as even more embarrassing than the 7-1 Champions League losses to Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Conference League | Bodo/Glimt 6-1 Roma: Mourinho humiliated

“There’s little I can say, I can only apologise and get back on track stronger than before. We said what we needed to in the locker room and it remains there,” Pellegrini told Sky Sport Italia.

“Sometimes you need a slap to learn and we got a slap in the face today, one we fully deserved. We’ve got to make sure that we learn from this embarrassment and keep that attitude for the rest of the season.”

Pellegrini was asked if he was worried at the total collapse of the Giallorossi in Norway.

“No, I am angry. I am not worried, not disappointed, just angry. From tomorrow we have to work even harder, because there are games to be won.”


  1. JuveIndia

    hahahaha got whopped by a school side from Norway and Mou is running around finding someone to blame this time!!!! Wonder if he is going to blame Juve or the ref who gave penalty against Juve, or Juve fans……lets wait and watch in the next episode of Mou’s blame game.

  2. Tommy

    Shows how garbage serie a sides are in Europe

  3. Vittorio


    Actually, not completely true. Napoli and Lazio will qualify into the knockout rounds in the Europa League.

    Juve, Inter, and Atalanta will qualify in the CL.

  4. Vittorio

    1 heavy loss does not determine the final group stage standings.

  5. tony

    Another Italian club being humiliated in Europe and the 3rd tier division as well.

  6. Martino

    So Roma have the depth and bank roll of Juve?… no, and it showed today.

    Juve fans laugh at this, but they only beat Roma by one goal on Sunday, so that doesn’t say much about Juve.

    That Norwegian side played a top-leve performance so do t discount that.

  7. dangerboy

    Gotta admit though. For a club that is from the Capital and biggest city in a football-mad European nation, they are pretty meager.

  8. Kam

    If Roma had paid attention to our (Milan‘s) game last year, they would not of been arrogant enough to send out a ‘B’ side against Bodo/Glimt.

  9. JuveIndia

    @ Martino broooo did you watch the goals they let?? defense literally didn’t exist!! It was poor strategy from Mr Ordinary one aka Mourinho. Hahaha Roma is going to dig themselves deeper hole with a guy like him , who jumps gun in a sec to pass on blame.

    Juve fans have nothing to shy about, we know this is kind of a reset season for us…don’t find strength by saying we only won by a goal…win is a win, clean one.

  10. EGGEN

    Bodø/Glimt plays a brand of football that emulates Rosenborg of the 90’s. I bet all Champions League-clubs remember how that was

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