Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini claims that Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen ‘physically attacked our goalkeeping trainer’ after the Conference League quarter-final. ‘It’s absolutely shameful.’

The Norwegians won the first leg 2-1 and the decider will be at the Stadio Olimpico next Thursday.

There was allegedly an ugly incident after the final whistle, as Pellegrini accused the Bodo/Glimt tactician of assaulting Nuno Gomes.

“Something truly unpleasant just happened,” the captain told Sky Sport Italia.

“Their coach just attacked our goalkeeping trainer. First he said a few things to him, then physically attacked him.

“It’s really sad, because behaviour like this is an insult to Roma, to the players and the staff. It is shameful.”

According to Sky Sport Italia, Norwegian police interviewed Knutsen, Nuno Gomes and the players who witnessed the altercation.

Pellegrini was also critical of the artificial playing surface in Norway, especially after Gianluca Mancini went off with a knee injury.

“The shame is reaching a quarter-final where the ball bounces and you have no idea where it’s going to go. However, that mustn’t be an excuse, because in a week’s time there is a battle we want to win.

“I am honestly still shaken by what I just saw, it’s absolutely shameful. Now we want to send Bodo home, also because of what happened off the field.”

18 thought on “Pellegrini: ‘Bodo/Glimt coach attacked Roma goalkeeping trainer’”
  1. The Norwegian manager accused the Roma GK trainer of verbal abuse before and through large parts of the game. The mics even picked up the Norwegian manager telling of the Roma trainer… think there is slightly more too it than just that. Regarding the pitch, is it a poor artificial surface or just the surface being artificial? Either way it’s allowed and equal for both. Shame about Mancini, wish him a quick and successful recovery

  2. Typical UEFA. Will sanction Italian clubs at the slightest of insults bit will turn a blind eye when provoked by our opponents.

    And for FI to claim that this was a well played game by the Norwegisns when clear officiating bias existed is, quite frankly, shameful by UEFA.

    FI should at least call out the fact that at least one Roma goal was incorrectly ruled off sides.

    The true Vittorio

    Only third to Vittorio Pozzo and my dear grandfather.

  3. What a joke. Roma, 5th place in Serie A, have lost twice to a team from Norway. Unreal and sad. This one is especially awful as you know they out everything into the game to venge the 6-1 loss. And still…lose.

  4. The real shame is neither the pitch or the off-field incident he alleges… The real shame was the result… And that 2 goals against is only a third of what they let in last time…

  5. Are you sure the Roma goalkeepers trainer name is Nuno Gomes, he was a very good striker, and played in Fiorentina. Accordink to ather sources the Roma trainer name is Nuno Santos.
    Pls correct the article!

  6. Why are you writing about this story just with one sided information? Isn\t it normal to see if there are to check if there are 2 versions? Poor journalism! Bodø Glimt said it was the other way around, that their coach was attacked by one of Romas coaches

  7. Omg, this is as bad and biased journalism as it gets! Watch the footage from the game, Bodo Glimt’s coach says it was him who was attacked – as during the game – which fairly speaking also sounds way more likely. Still you don’t even write about that side of the story! So weak and shameful!

  8. OMG, many stupid comments. for the record; It was the Roma keeper coach that whent totally insane against Kjetil Knutsen. Kjetil dident do anything.

  9. Kjetil Knutsen said he has never seen the likes of the behavior of the keeper coach and it seemed planned that they would try to disrupt and disturb him before and during the game. Likely they kept going after the game too.
    They are playing mind games. Are they really so afraid of Bodø Glimt they have to resort to such riddiculous behavior?

  10. Norwegian media are reporting that Bodø/Glimt have filed a police report against Nuno Santos.. And have video evidence of an attack. So 2 sides to the story it seems.

  11. Pretty sad when your acting like this against a no name team from Norway who trashed you 6-1 last time . Italian football has hit a really low point

  12. Why not lay off commenting this incident untill a conclusion of what happened is published from UEFA themselves? This is exatcly what creates an unwanted conflict.

  13. What is the most likely scenario:

    1. A norwegian coach whos whole philosophy is surrounded by staying centered, focused and not giving into emotion looses his mind AFTER WINNING a gigantic game…


    2. An italian coach under the leadership of JOSE MORINHO loses his mind after losing an important match against a tiny team from Norway who has beat them not once, but twice. Humiliating them with a goal difference of 10-4…

    Yeah… REALLY hard to figure out who lost their mind… hahahahaha

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