OWNIC has partnered with Wyscout to help create a unique football scouting game that utilises dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology to bring together the online and digital worlds. 

OWNIC’s platform allows you to scout, buy and trade collectible digital cards of athletes including Serie A footballers such as Leonardo Bonucci – find out more about OWNIC here. These cards are linked to how players perform both on and off the pitch, gaining Prima Power (xP) as they complete certain milestones throughout their career. 

You can learn much more about how OWNIC’s dNFTs work by joining Discord.

Tapping into Wyscout’s professional platform, there’s around 300 in-game and career metrics that boost the xP of your trading cards. This makes them stronger in the games and utilities OWNIC offers, as well as more valuable should you decide to sell. But what is Wyscout exactly, and how is OWNIC using it as part of its platform? 

What is Wyscout?

Wyscout is a professional scouting and data analysis company that’s widely used by scouts, coaches, agents, journalists and players. The Italian company was founded in Genoa in 2004, moving to Chiavari in 2008. Its analysis plays a big role in the transfer market in Serie A and beyond. 

As well as digital databases that can be scoured to find and compare players, Wyscout also provides video analysis of targets. This has many uses, allowing scouts to easily cast their eye over large numbers of players, while analysing tactical strategies and patterns of play to determine whether a footballer will be a good fit at a particular club. 

You can find out more about Wyscout on OWNIC’s Discord server.

How is OWNIC using Wyscout?

OWNIC is using Wyscout’s data analysis to rate players in a wide selection of metrics, according to their abilities. This helps to determine the strength and value of each player’s collectible card. 

The data is also used to link OWNIC’s dNFTs to what happens on the pitch. Whether it’s scoring a goal, keeping a clean sheet or winning the Ballon d’Or, Wyscout’s data feeds into a player’s card in order to boost its xP. The more xP a card accrues, the stronger it is within the game and on OWNIC’s marketplace. 

You can find out more about how OWNIC uses Wyscout on OWNIC’s Discord server.

What are the OWNIC scouting games?

One of the biggest features of OWNIC’s platform is the VirtualScout utility. This includes a number of games, such as xP League and xP Stand-Off. In these games, the strength of your collection is put to the test against other collector. In the DoMino game, meanwhile, it’s all about scouting emerging talent early and making the biggest profit by trading cards at the right time. 

You can head to Discord for lots more information on the different games and utilities OWNIC is launching, or read this article here. This online community is the place to be for all the latest news about the platform, as well as sneak peaks at the trading cards, announcements about player drops and to get involved with a burgeoning online community. 

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