OWNIC is creating a new, real-world connection between online player scouting, trading and gaming, and the footballers of Serie A and beyond. 

The fully licensed digital platform OWNIC is utilising dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology to create official, digital trading cards that are linked to professional footballers in Serie A and world football, including the likes of Leonardo Bonucci. The link that is created between card and sportsperson is a novel concept, with real-world career progress and both on and off-pitch achievements that the footballer reaches directly converted into Prima Power (xP) performance that is recorded and stored on the digital card. 

In partnership with professional scouting and data analysis company Wyscout, players are monitored across numerous different in-game and career metrics, which are then recorded and converted into something called xP. Every tackle won, goal scored, opponent defeated, cup lifted or anything else from a list of around 300 different achievements directly earns digital card holders on OWNIC’s platform xP. The more milestones the player achieves in their career, the more xP that is earned on their digital card. 

What is OWNIC?

OWNIC is building an officially licensed sports platform where you can play, earn and interact with your digital collectibles. The platform uses dNFT technology to create unique digital collectible trading cards of footballers and other athletes, which you can buy, trade and play with. 

The company has already announced a marquee signing in Leonardo Bonucci, with the Juventus and Italy captain becoming the biggest name so far to partner with OWNIC earlier this month. When you purchase a dNFT of Bonucci, or anyone else, you can share in their success on the pitch thanks to your cards’ Prima Power (xP) performance. 

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What is a dNFT?

Unlike the regular NFTs you’ve probably already heard about, OWNIC collectibles are dynamic NFTs that merge the digital world with real-life events. OWNIC dNFTs are dynamic tokens that update when athletes achieve certain milestones both on and off the pitch. 

The xP of each card depends on the success of the athlete in question, so in football, the better the players perform, the stronger their cards will be in the games. One of the most appealing aspects of the platform is spotting emerging talents early on, picking up their cards for a low price and then seeing them progress. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you have an eye for talent, but you might also win something with OWNIC too. 

OWNIC’s digital collectible cards give you access to the games within the platform, differentiating them from standard NFTs where you essentially buy a unique digital file that can in theory be copied. They can also be traded both on and off the platform in the same way as a physical sports trading card or regular NFT, but the experience goes far beyond simply owning the collectible card. It’s the ticket to the show, not the end product, as it were. 

Every dNFT released by OWNIC is officially licensed by the relevant athlete or team. The sports data used to determine the xP of each collectible card is provided and officially licensed from the Wyscout platform, with which OWNIC has partnered. 

Which footballers are licensed so far?

In addition to Bonucci, OWNIC has official licensing agreements in place with the likes of Manuel Lazzari, Simone Bastoni, Marco Carnesecch, Thomas Augello and Simone Verdi. In addition to footballers, OWNIC has also partnered with other athletes, including mixed martial artists and UFC stars Rafael dos Anjos and Fabricio Werdum. With big plans and more big names to follow, you can stay firmly in the loop via Discord. 

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What games are there?

OWNIC has created a number of games that can be played using the trading cards. This includes the innovative VirtualScout competition. As the name suggests, it’s all about scouting talent and pitting your cards against other collectors. You’ll also be able to create an entire club from the ground up via MetaTeam, competing against other collectors and their dNFT collections. 

What can I win?

There will be substantial cash prizes on offer for success in games, which will take on various formats. This includes regular weekly competitions and others that last the course of the season. There are other prizes you can win too, including things like tickets to game, signed merchandise and even the opportunity to interact directly with athletes themselves. 

How do I get involved?

You can get involved with OWNIC’s launch of its collectible tokens by joining Discord. Discord is a platform that hosts OWNIC’s online community, where you can keep up to date on the latest drops, learn more about dNFTs and discuss the sports you love with fellow fans. 

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