OWNIC games: What is xP Stand-off and how do you play?

OWNIC – a dNFT-based card game straddling the line between collectibles and gaming – has an array of games for card owners to take part in, and an active Discord server offering advice and support from the community.

The platform centres on OWNIC dNFTs – dynamic non-fungible tokens – of footballers, including Juventus captain Leonardo Bonucci, represented as cards. Each player is assigned a value in a different category: this is the card’s xP.

For more on OWNIC, read this explainer or sign-up to the Discord and join the community

The cards have the collectible qualities of static NFTs, as each one is unique, with an added real-time component. Information from sports data and analysis company Wyscout means the xP – or Prima Power – can change depending on the player’s form (find out more about OWNIC and Wyscout here).

Card owners can battle against each other in a range of competitions, including OWNIC’s xP Stand-off game. For a full rundown of all the games in the OWNIC platform, read this article or head to the OWNIC Discord.

The dynamic element also allows for scouting to be central to the OWNIC experience – spot the potential of a young player, buy their card early and watch their xP grow. Find out more about scouting and OWNIC here.

What is OWNIC xP Stand-Off?

OWNIC xP Stand-Off is one of the xP-based games in the OWNIC platform.

xP Stand-Off pits one collector against another. To take part, first you need to buy $OWNQ tokens, and then you can compete against a fellow player based on the xP of selected cards.

Are there prizes in OWNIC xP Stand-Off?

OWNIC games offer a host of different prizes, including cash prizes. There are also exclusive OWNIC dNFT cards to be won, and card owners can access other perks including access to the players whose cards they own.

How to find out more about OWNIC

OWNIC’s Discord server is the best place to go to find out more about the platform. It is free to sign-up to the OWNIC Discord and when there you can chat with other collectors and learn about future drops and how to be whitelisted for them.

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