OWNIC games: What is the xP League and how do you play?

OWNIC is using state-of-the-art dNFT technology to bridge the gap between collectibles and gaming, with a variety of card-based games and a thriving Discord community as part of the platform.

dNFT stands for dynamic non-fungible token and unlike static NFTs – where the data and image is fixed – the values on OWNIC’s player cards can change due to real-world events. For more on OWNIC, click here, or sign-up for free to the OWNIC Discord.

Not familiar with Discord? Read this explainer or sign-up and take a look around

OWNIC has partnered with scouting data and analysis company Wyscout to provide the data on the cards, which are fully-licensed representations of players such as Juventus captain Leonardo Bonucciread this article for more on the OWNIC-Wyscout partnership.

As the season progresses, Bonucci’s stats can alter depending on his form, and Bonucci cards can be used in the OWNIC games. For a full rundown of the games OWNIC has to offer, click here or sign-up to Discord.

Not only that but getting in early on a young player can reap rewards. Spotting a player of great potential and picking up their card early for a low price can put you ahead of the crowd. And as that player grows in ability and reputation, their card can grow in demand too. Indeed, scouting is a key pillar of the OWNIC platform, as explained here.

What is OWNIC xP League?

OWNIC xP League is one of the games available to card owners on the OWNIC platform.

It’s a weekly open championship, pitting collector against collector, with different divisions based on the strength of the best card in your collection.

The winner is decided by which card collects the most xP from the milestones selected.

Find out more about OWNIC xP League on the OWNIC Discord.

Are there prizes in OWNIC xP League?

All OWNIC games have prizes available to the winners. The prizes range from exclusive OWNIC dNFT cards to cash prizes, while there are other perks available to card owners including signed shirts and money-can’t-buy experiences.

How to find out more about OWNIC

The best way to find out more about OWNIC is through signing-up to the OWNIC Discord, which is a free, thriving community of collectors. It’s also the best place to learn about future drops and find out how to get whitelisted when they arrive.

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