OWNIC games: What is MetaTeam and how do you play?

OWNIC are crossing the divide between collectibles and gaming with their innovative dNFT technology as the backbone of a card-based game, supported by a thriving Discord community.

A dNFT – dynamic non-fungible token – is unlike a static NFT, where the image on the token is fixed. A dNFT, in this case, a fully-licensed card of a footballer such as JuventusLeonardo Bonucci, can be updated while each card is unique, making it a collectible.

Updating the data allows for cards to hold xP that can change based on real-world events, such as a player reaching a certain milestone. Collectors can compete against each other, card against card, in OWNIC’s range of competitions.

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The data comes from OWNIC’s relationship with statistical analysis company Wyscout (Read more about Wyscout here). It also allows for scouting of future talents – spot a hot prospect signed up to OWNIC, get their card early and watch as they and their card develop.

But where most of the OWNIC games involve individual cards in an owner’s collection, MetaTeam is a little different.

What is OWNIC MetaTeam?

MetaTeam is a club building simulator for dNFT collectors to assemble teams and build facilities for their club on NFT land plots in the Metaverse.

There is a league system for MetaTeam clubs, with OWNIC cards and $OWNQ tokens up for grabs.

A collector’s MetaTeam is more likely to win if they – as the manager of the MetaTeam – play their cards in the player’s correct position and hit upon a successful strategy for their team.

Want to know more about OWNIC MetaTeam? Sign-up to the OWNIC Discord server here. It’s the best place to ask questions about OWNIC before getting involved, with a busy community discussing everything from OWNIC dNFTs to the new football season.

If you’re not familiar with Discord, read this explainer and follow the links to sign-up there.

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