OWNIC games: What is DoMino and how do you play?

OWNIC is a collectible card, scouting and trading game using dNFT technology, with a busy Discord community and fully licensed partnerships with Serie A stars such as Leonardo Bonucci.

Indeed, Italian football is central to the OWNIC platform – read more on why here – and as well as collectible cards in the form of dNFTs (dynamic non-fungible tokens) that can be bought, sold and traded with other collectors, there are a variety of games too. Click here to find out what you get with an OWNIC dNFT, or here to read more about the range of OWNIC games.

Sign-up to the OWNIC Discord server to learn more about OWNIC or read this article

OWNIC’s dNFTs are different from static NFTs in that the data on the cards themselves can be updated – in this case, through a partnership with statistical analysis company Wyscout (read more about the OWNIC-Wyscout relationship here). That means a card’s xP can grow as the player reaches different milestones in their career.

That innovative feature allows for scouting to be a central pillar of the OWNIC platform – spot a hot prospect early and get their card then watch as they develop and their xP grows. Find out more about scouting and OWNIC here.

With that in mind, one of the OWNIC scouting games has been named in honour of the late Italian football agent Mino Raiola, who was known for his ability to recognise a future great – such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic – and help them reach their potential.

What is OWNIC DoMino?

OWNIC DoMino is a trading game played between collectors. The winner is the collector who makes the biggest profit margin on buying and selling their cards.

The competition runs for a full football season and anyone who sells a card on the OWNIC marketplace qualifies.

Are there prizes in OWNIC DoMino?

There are prizes available for all OWNIC games, including xP League and xP Stand-Off. You can read more about them by clicking the links.

In the DoMino game, there are cash prizes for the winner and all positions down to 20th.

The winner also receives a rare OWNIC dNFT card.

How to find out more about OWNIC

The OWNIC Discord server is the best place to find out more about OWNIC, including games such as DoMino. It’s free to join and easy to sign-up to. Not familiar with Discord? Read this article first, and then sign-up here.

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