OWNIC AMA today on Discord

OWNIC are hosting an AMA tonight on Discord, giving anyone interested in their gaming and dNFT collectible crossover platform the chance to find out more.

dNFT stands for dynamic non-fungible token. OWNIC have partnered with a number of high-profile athletes, including Serie A’s Leonardo Bonucci and Manuel Lazzari, to produce fully-licensed dNFT cards that owners can use in games against other card owners.

Find out more about the OWNIC games here.

OWNIC’s dNFTs differ from static NFTs as the data on the card can change – and OWNIC has partnered with statistical analysis company Wyscout to do just that. So, for example, the xP of a Bonucci card can improve if the Juventus defender is playing particularly well.

To find out more about OWNIC dNFTs, read this explainer – or sign-up to the OWNIC Discord and ask away.

The OWNIC Discord server is an active community but there will be a dedicated AMA on Thursday August 11 at 7pm CET.

What is Discord?

Not familiar with Discord? It’s a messaging app that allows like-minded fans or followers of anything to congregate in one place – find out more here.

Signing-up is easy. All you have to do is pick a username, use a valid email address and accept the terms and conditions. There might also be a CAPTCHA test to prove you’re not a bot, and once that is out the way you can verify your phone number to get full access to the Discord server.

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