Origi’s big-game experience with Liverpool to serve Milan well

A man for the occasion during his time at Liverpool, Divock Origi’s experience at Anfield promises to serve Stefano Pioli and Milan well, writes Matt Santangelo.

The Milan project in its current form has been built on fledging youth to its very core. As one of Europe’s most intriguing sides, bright-eyed young stars such as Rafael Leão, Theo Hernandez, Sandro Tonali and Fikayo Tomori have lent large hands in the recent run of success back to the top of Italy with the first Scudetto in e11 years.

While these top talents have garnered much of the attention and transfer market attraction, one would be remiss to overlook the impact of the savvy, battle-tested veterans whose valuable experiences cannot be slapped with a price tag.

Along with Simon Kjaer, the Rossoneri brought Zlatan Ibrahimović back, followed by Olivier Giroud for a meagre fee last summer from Chelsea. Aged 38 and 34 respectively at the time of their deals, these two globe-trotting winning strikers provided a profound impact in the
changing room, on the training ground and on match-day.

Through his own experience under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, theaim for new signing Origi, beyond goal production, is to further foster the winning culture we have begun to see once again at Milan.

The Belgium international helped play a pivotal role in various trophy successes over the years at Anfield. Though often utilised as a rotational attacking piece for Klopp to implement as he saw fit, the 27-year old Origi seldom looked out of place or unprepared for the German coach’s heavy-metal football.

Comprised of high-pressing, incisive passing and intense commitment to movement, this style requires specific qualities for those playing in order for it to render positive results. For Origi, tactically, technically and physically, he has proven amore than capable of making the

Origi’s athleticism and work-rate should be value-added commodities to Pioli’s 4-2-3-1. His younger legs have far less tread on them than Ibrahimović and Giroud, and his profile differs from the two as he can drift all over the front line.

Off the ball, the ability and desire to press to win it back high up the pitch and in dangerous areas will nurture more chances for both himself and the supporting cast. However, it is hard to look past the many moments of pure ecstasy Origi enjoyed as a catalyst for his former club, and the weight behind his timely performances.

Between that goal in the 2019 Champions League semi-final comeback at Anfield against Barcelona and his impressive body of work as an effective super-sub in the Premier League, Origi has clearly proven to be a man for the big occasion.

The manner in which he is regarded as a cult hero speaks to his professionalism and reflects on the impact he set in representing a top club.

Origi’s role at Milan will likely differ from his Liverpool days as he projects to receive a substantial increase in minutes. How he maximises his minutes remains to be seen.

What we do know is with Origi walking through the doors of Milanello, Pioli will welcome a resourceful, attacking player with a big-game mentality and, as experience shows, a knack for delivering when it matters most.

15 Comments on “Origi’s big-game experience with Liverpool to serve Milan well”

  1. Well said Matt. Another big game player to add to the squad and hopefully take us up another level in Europe. Looking forward to seeing how he fits in and if he can take the 9 spot from Giroud.

  2. ohhh NT you are wrong … Klopp wanted him to stay , The fans wanted him to stay …I look forward to you been proven wrong ..

    Welcome to Milan

  3. With Origi and Giroud we have 2 perfect striker’s for Serie A. I think both will get goals and that’s all you can ask of them. Giroud was amazing for us last season.

  4. @MilanEire

    I wish he proves me worng my friend, ten times over for the shake of my team
    But judging from his career statistics, i fear not

  5. The thing that gives me confidence is that generally the players we have signed have performed well. That’s actually the true measure. All of the players mentioned in this article including Leão, Hernandez, Tonali and Tomori would’ve failed under previous management because all signings failed under the previous management. Under the current management most of the players are doing well, and the team generally is performing. This is the team Origi is joining. Whether or not he’ll be a success will depend on injuries and whether the team keeps performing. I don’t seem him as a next level player but he could definitely do a job if he reaches his potential.

  6. If Barca had just been paying attention on that ONE corner, Origi wouldn’t even be famous in the least.

  7. Everyone Herr is wrong. He is not going to flop and he’s not the second coming of christ either. He will be average… that’s it and that’s all… average.

  8. Everyone here is wrong. He is not going to flop and he’s not the second coming of christ either. He will be average… that’s it and that’s all… average.

  9. There’s no need to speculate when the season starts that’s when he will be judged. He’s not proven by any definition imaginable as he was a bench player. Unlike Ibra or Giroud who have already been proven but are at the end of their career. Milan had to sign someone so they’re branding an unproven bench warmer as one of their best signing. When the two grandpas Ibra and Giroud Milan will be in big trouble to depend on Origi that’s when he will truly show his value. I can predict already unprecedented number of injuries with Milan which is normal but this time it’ll be much worse because of the World Cup in difficult weather conditions.

  10. It looks like inter milan fans are mostly little girls. This milan after going through what it went through last two seasons, came 2nd and won the scudetto last season and you like last season will again win the strongest squad award while, milan settle for the real trophy. Wannabe club with bunch of wannabe fans.

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