Origi to Milan a done deal: medicals after Champions League Final

by | May 19, 2022 09:31

Liverpool striker Divock Origi will reportedly undergo his medical with Milan after next week’s Champions League Final.

The Belgium international’s contract at Anfield runs out in the summer and the striker has failed to reach the minimum number of appearances to automatically extend his stay at the club.

Calciomercato.com’s Daniele Longo, the first journalist reporting Milan’s negotiations with the 27-year-old in March, now claims that Origi will undergo his medical with the Serie A leaders after the Champions League Final.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool will face Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid in Paris on May 28 and from the following day, Origi will be free to travel to Milan to undergo his medical examinations.

Origi will reportedly sign a three-year deal worth €4m per season at the Stadio Meazza. He will join Milan as a free agent.

Stefano Pioli has given the green light to sign the Belgium international also because of his versatility. Origi can play as a striker or as a winger and the Serie A giants have been looking for reinforcement in both areas.


  1. Jon

    Still buying rubbish players going they turn out like leo

  2. dENNIS

    not happy about this move at all, i cant think of one serie a club that conducts good business and it actually paying off, these people in charge of the clubs are the biggest jokers in europe

  3. Zoro Caloro

    Always going foreign… could have had Belotti who loves Milan yet we go foreign yet again. So disgusting. Nothing against origi personally but it’s no wonder the nazionale is awful when we never choose italians anymore….

  4. dENNIS

    @zoro Caloro – i completely agree with your entire comment, maldini gets way too much praise for his “great deals” i think the only deal thats been good was the Tonali one, he, like everyone else at our clubs loves foreign players who are under par, too many idiots in charge over in the home land, im outraged

  5. umberto cinquegrani

    another bench warmer earning big money because he is’nt good enough to get in the liverpool side what is up with Italian clubs buy substandard players from the EPL that are not good enough for the premier league

  6. mILANeIRE

    some moaning whining clowns on here , Origi has always been a good servant for liverpool and has scored some big goals , of course he hasn’t been a regular starter but they have Salah / Firminio & Mane up front , Origi is a versatile player who is coming into his prime at 27 , hopefully tuens out to be a good piece of business and to the muppet above on about Maldini , its not just Tonali , how about Kalulu ? He has been an absolute beast this season filling in for Kjaer , how about getting Maignan snapped up to replace Dollarumma for 15M .. excellant pieces of business by Maldini & Co

  7. Hardtruth

    Someone in the comments wrote Belotti hahaha ha how many chances he needs for Italy again? He is good enough for mid table club that’s it. The only Italian strikers wroth mentioning right now playing for the team Milan will be facing on the weekend

  8. dENNIS

    here we go, the moron fans of italian football with no balls, how typically italian, crap all over our own, sick of fans like you, you are weak and bumlicks, wake up, origi will be crap like they always are when they arrive in serie a, cowards

  9. DB Milan

    Good stuff. Good player. I’d take him over the likes of Belotti any day. I take it the people calling him awful haven’t seen him play much.

  10. Milan Fan

    Belotti is 28 and has never played in the Champions League, not a single minute (I doubt he’s played in European competitions all together) and his performances in the National Team have been abysmal, too. He has had only one great season in his career and that was many years ago.

    Origi on the other hand, is 27 and already has loads of experience playing (sometimes a key role) in important Champions League fixtures. He’s shown that he can be ready and in good form whenever he’s called upon from the bench, even if he hasn’t been playing regularly throughout the season, and that’s a rare and useful thing for any club.

    I like Belotti and the fact that he’s a Milanista but there’s an obvious reason why Origi has been preferred and it’s the right choice. It’s not that hard to understand really.

  11. ACM1899

    I too don’t understand the criticism of Origi… Is he worse than what we’re currently fielding? Aging Ibra and Giroud? I have no issues him joining. now on the other hand, if this is a pro-Italian issue, then yes, I too am concerned about Milan fielding less Italians than Inter. I would love for Milan to invest into young Italians more to preserve that core within the club, but that takes years. Ultimately the club needs to climb out of the shadows of the past decade and truly compete in Italy and Europe once again and now. So yes, bring in Origi and the likes.

  12. dENNIS

    ill be totally honest, cards on the table, i love milan always have done but yes my concern is too many non italian players, its done us no good at all, i get that developing talents takes time but when will the clubs start this process? this elephant in the room cant be ignored anymore, so yes this is my major gripe, the rebuild of our football is always on the back burner and im getting tired of it, italian people can play football also, we have won much more than other nations its time we remember this

  13. LOL

    Origi will be poor… like Tammy Abraham… like Osimmhen…. like Vlahovic… like Lautaro Martinez…
    When foreign players are better than the current crop of Italian talent, then you take the foreigners.

    Italy has a pool of really poor talent at the moment.
    And whilst the big clubs have the resources to improve these players, they don’t have an obligation to do so.

    Of course they will buy the players who will give the club the best chance to reach their objectives: to WIN.

  14. Dennis

    Again fans like you are too negative, our clubs don’t even try to develop homegrown players, in other countries talents like Marco Nasti would start to play here and there but because we are negative italy who bumlick everyone else we won’t, none of those forwards you have mentioned are ever going to be femomeni they are good but they are also inconsistent so instead of bashing young talents who haven’t even had a scrap of opportunity look at facts, not surprised you call yourself “lol”

  15. Dennis

    What what have the Italian clubs “won” full of foreign players? Nothing for a very very long time. My god are italian fans this thick

  16. Manuel

    I understand the worry about not going for Home grown but the big problem is that there is so much money in football and it’s all about the immediate success now that there is no time to take a gamble on youths or home grown talent because you risk getting left behind. You even need to have a fair level of success to even attract the big sponsors. So there really is no time to develop talent.

    Let’s talk about the youth sector, is it a case that in other countries like in England for example, there are more foreign talents coming into the youth sector to compete in those clubs which raises the level of the home grown talent. Pogba was in Man.Utd youth sector, A ridiculous amount of players were once in the youth sector of Chelsea. Man.City has started having that as well. The question is do this clubs have so much resources that they can bring in this wealth of foreign talent and help raise the level of everyone? Is it allowed to bring in so many foreigners at youth level in Italy? or is the youth sector in Italy really bad because countries like France has a supply chain of outstanding young players but not so many rich clubs.
    I am not Italian but i always support Italy in every competition. I don’t know much about the youth sector in Italy . So i stand corrected. But i listened to a podcast where they touched on this topic and something along this lines was also said.

    As for Origi, a very good deal. With his experience playing under Klopp all this years, he suits Milan current style of play.

  17. Mike

    Bias Italian fans..Milan signed rubbish players and are going to win the league with them…irony of life.

  18. Klnt

    See the biggest point you guys are missing is that Italian players are not good enough nowadays its that simple. You guys guys crying about bellotti , why no foreign team is inquiring about him?? exactly …. Italy stoped producing talent after 2006 and I am a fan of the nazionale. Italian players are not good enough except few players.

  19. Milanito

    Origi is a solid player who fits the tactical approach of Pioli’s Milan.

    On the subject of foreign players being preferred over Italians, I’d say it’s not up to Milan to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing homegrown talent on the sole premise of filling the nazionale. They are twenty teams in Serie A at any one given season and as a manager of a national team, you should be scouring through all the teams in the top flight for talented players whom are best suited for your tactics.
    Italy doesn’t have the highest number of foreign players in their top flight league when compared to other European countries. Real vs City second leg saw Real start with just two Spaniards while City started two Englishmen, yet no one would dare say that those clubs are hurting their respective national teams. So the idea that foreign players are restricting or hindering the progress of Italian players is false, not to mention when you add in the fact that Italy not too long won the Euros, the whole idea seems malicious.
    For me personally, the conversation should be about getting coaches at the top level to give young players more chances. The nazionale isn’t suffering because Milan only fields two Italians in their starting lineup. If there’s a deficiency it’s because young players aren’t trusted enough. I’m honestly hoping that Milan continues to build around the youth, and that we’ll see a few of the primavera make that stepup next season. I’m sure that Milan will continue to do all it can to nurture young Italian talents as should every other team in Italy.

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