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According to one report, ‘only Milan and Atalanta’ in Serie A would today be within the new UEFA financial fair play parameters, while it is described as ‘an assist for the English sides.’



The New York Times claimed on Tuesday that UEFA had agreed on the new regulations that would essentially replace FFP.

Soccer-related spending will not be able to go above 70 per cent of income, so including both wages and amortisation of transfer fees.

In Italy, many clubs have wage bills alone that account for over 70 per cent of revenues, so their budgets would be further slashed.

New FFP could benefit Premier League and further damage Serie A

The Corriere dello Sport points out the depth of the problem, noting “practically this changes nothing, save for the rich clubs will be richer, as UEFA are protecting the top teams to discourage breakaway leagues.

“It could be a massacre for the Italians: only Milan and Atalanta would be within the parameters today.”

The issue remains the revenues in the Premier League are significantly higher than any other tournament because of their collective television rights deal, which is set to if anything earn even more in future.

UEFA had to protect the biggest clubs to avoid them again trying to stage a coup and set up a European Super League, which Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona continue to push.

6 thought on “‘Only Milan and Atalanta’ fit new UEFA FFP parameters”
  1. If Milan and Atalanta fall within the prescriptive parameters perhaps it’s not a catastrophe for Italian clubs it’s just setting out a sustainable business model.. Atalanta are an absolute bona fide profit factory but I don’t think it will be that way forever. Milan have tightened our belts and had to accept difficult situations with players like Hakan, Gigio, Kessie, in order to keep the overall project sustainable. There is no way Juve keep throwing money at players like Arthur, Ramsey, Rabiot, Bonucci, Vlahovic, Chiesa without facing the financial reality of the situation. More money out than in does not work. You don’t need a degree in accounting to understand that.

  2. It makes sense that Atalanta and Milan, two of the most careful clubs in the recent market satisfy the 70% Revenue expenditure rule.
    However, this FFP ruling will just MAKE SURE the SuperLeague happens sooner than expected.
    There is no way Real Madrid, Barcelona, juventus, Bayern, Milan, Inter and Juve will sit back and watch the Premier League clubs take all the best players because of a rule that limits their spending.
    I can see Spain, Italy and France merging to create a league that rivals the EPL so that they can stay earn similar revenue.
    Needless to say. I am against Current FFP rules because they always punish Italian clubs while the Likes of PSG and Man City break the rules all the time but don’t get punished

  3. There will be a backlash from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other leagues. The PL is becoming utterly dominant. Not only in the European cups but also in revenue and in the talent in can attract. Who honestly thinks that when Pep and Klopp leave their respective clubs they will come to Italy or France? Will an unemployed Zidane come to Italy or Germany? Ancelotti and Conte yo – yo and probably only come to Italy because they are Italian. How can you have European competitions when every year PL clubs play the finals? (I don’t call them English because other than being based in England there is nothing really English about them. The PL, unlike the UK, is very outward looking and international and has never wanted to impose barriers on freedom of movement from people from the EU or elsewhere)

  4. milan a careful club?…the only reason they are within these parameters is they went bust splurging money and are under administration lol

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